Will Bindusar crown Sushim as his heir? Will he finally become the Yuvraj?

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial is in a strange phase at the moment for all its protagonists. While Ashoka is busy grieving his guru Acharya Devrath’s death, Dharma is arrested by Kichak. Worst, a grieving Samrat Bindusar who thinks his son is dead is compelled by his mother Rajmata Helena to announce his successor since she is not well and has few days to live.

Though Bindusar isn’t so keen to make Sushim his successor, Rajmata Helena convinces him to do so since Siamak and Dhrupad are small. The reason why Helena is forcing Bindusar to do so, is mainly because she and others (Charumitra, Sushim) want power before Bindusar realizes that his son Ashoka is not dead but alive.

sushim Rajkumar Sushim the Crown Prince of Magadh?

Rajmata Helena Knows that She Can Easily Defeat Rajkumar Sushim

Rajmata Helena is not at all interested in Sushim. In fact, she wants Rajkumar Siamak to become the crown prince. However, she is confident that Sushim is a weak contender and so even if he is crowned, she can easily defeat him with the help of her father and also Siamak’s grandfather and make Siamak the next Emperor. This is the reason why she is insisting Bindusar. No wonder, it is easy to defeat Sushim but very difficult to defeat Ashoka. She doesn’t want to take any risk at this moment especially after she knows that Ashoka is alive.

Helena Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Rajkumar Sushim the Crown Prince of Magadh?

So, she has asked Bindusar to crown Sushim as soon as possible by doing an emotional drama by showing her ill-health. She knows Bindusar will get emotional and act according to her wish and will. She has no interest in wasting much time now that Ashoka can return any time.

Will Bindusar Make Rajkumar Sushim, the Crown Prince of Magadh?

Although, Samrat Bindusar is ready to announce, we wonder whether he’ll really make him the crown prince or not. No wonder, in reality, he couldn’t announce Sushim as his heir though he wanted to (according to the available source). This is the reason why we are wondering what will be the verdict in the serial. Will Sushim get to enjoy the status of Yuvraj or will the entire process be stopped by some or the other consequences? No wonder, Ashoka is on the verge of ending Kichak’s tyranny in Taxila.

samrat ashok yuvraj sushim susima Rajkumar Sushim the Crown Prince of Magadh?

Kichak Will Soon Meet His End

It is finally the end of Kichak. No wonder, he has killed Acharya Devrath and Ashoka is in no mood to spare Kichak, the killer of his guru. Moreover, he has kidnapped his mother Rani Dharma. Both the instances will surely agitate Ashoka so much that he will indeed kill Kichak. No sooner than Kichak is dead, Ashoka’s story of bravery and courage will surely reach Bindusar’s ears.

takshashila episode ashoka serial Rajkumar Sushim the Crown Prince of Magadh?

Besides, you never know if AShoka reach Magadh all by himself in time. This will surely stop Bindusar to make an announcement about his heir. Though we are not sure what will happen in the coming episodes in Chakravartin AShoka Samrat, we just hope that Samrat Bindusar soon realizes about Ashoka’s truth and reunites with him as soon as possible.

What do you think – Will Ashoka reach Magadh at the right time?

Image Source: Snapshot from Colors Youtube Channel

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