In the mother of all twists and turns, Rajkumar Sushim Kills His Own Mother Charumitra!

While, we wondered all this while how will Ashoka eliminate Sushim and Charumitra, in the mother of all twists and turns, Rajkumar Sushim kills his own mother in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial! Yes, Sushim kills Charumitra and he doesn’t even realize what he has done.

Ankit Arora Sushim Rajkumar Sushim Kills His Own Mother Charumitra!

It is interesting to note that though Ashoka and Siamak killed each other’s mother, Sushim killed his own. Though it made things easier for Ashoka, it seems quite bizarre. After all, there is no evidence in history that Sushim killed his own mother. Besides, his mother was not just his mother but Samrat BIndusar’s chief queen and Maharani.  So this is kind of shocking though as a keen viewer of the serial we might think that she deserve such a brutal death.

The death of Charumitra

Obviously Sushim doesn’t plan to kill his own mother. It is an accident, a misunderstanding. All thanks to Kaurwaki. Yes, Sushim kills Charumitra only because of the Kalinga Princess.  Here’s the incident shown in the backdrop. Sushim comes in the room where Kaurwaki has been kept. Devi who comes to save Kaurwaki is taken away by Jagannath.

charumitra in ashoka Rajkumar Sushim Kills His Own Mother Charumitra!

Meanwhile, Charumitra comes in the room to kill Kaurwaki but the princess somehow in a combat with Charumitra defeats her and make her unconscious. She then makes her sleep on the bed with the blankets on, and escapes from the place. Meanwhile, Sushim comes in the room. He thinks Kaurwaki is sleeping and he stabs her. He has no idea that inside the blanket it is not Kaurwaki but his own mother. And this is how Sushim kills his own mother Charumitra.

Later when he sees Kaurwaki and finds his mother missing, he goes on to searching spree, only to find her dead. He blames Ashoka for killing his mother. However, Ashoka denies of doing such a thing to a person whom he calls Maa. Devi then blames Jagannath for killing Charumitra. After all, he was the one who had entered the room.

Next, Sushim gets angry on him and threatens to kill him. Jaganath denies doing it. Everybody is confused who did it but after joining all the dots everybody realizes that Rajkumar Sushim stabbed his own mother thinking it to be Kaurwaki. Everybody is stunned and Sushim is in deep grief. Ashoka blames him and even pities his state. Rajkumar Sushim is heartbroken to see his mother in a pool of blood especially after knowing that he only killed his own mother.

Though Charumitra in the serial was an evil woman, this death is really shocking. Now, the question is – did she die the same in real life also? Well, the answer is no! Nothing much is known about Charumitra let alone her death.

Image Source: Ashoka on Colors TV

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