Post the death of his mentor, will Rajkumar Sushim lose His Powers?

Rajkumar Ashoka is back in the palace of Patliaputra to take revenge and he has started his working towards his vow of United India. Ashoka has taken the form of Chandd and wants to eliminate all those who are coming in between his path.

The first one to get off his list is the tantric on the mountains, the mentor of Rajkumar Sushim who made him so powerful and strong, making him attain some serious supernatural power. Nevertheless, the tantric is the man behind Sushim’s invincible power.

new ashoka serial Will Rajkumar Sushim Lose His Powers?

However, now that Ashoka has killed the tantric, we are sure Rajkumar Sushim will not be as powerful as he once was. The tantra vidya will now evade with time.

Rajkumar Sushim Will be Both Mentally and Physically Weak

Losing a mentor who made him powerful and who had the key to his powers is not that easy. We could see Rajkumar Sushim feeling weak. After all, the man was guiding him over the years. Also, post his death Sushim will not gain any major superpower but have to use the same old ones. But, we are not sure whether it will still be effective as the tantric is dead.

Ankit Arora Sushim Will Rajkumar Sushim Lose His Powers?

Besides, the moment he died, Sushim started feeling weak. This proves that Sushim won’t be as powerful as he was earlier. This is bad for him and Charumitra but it is certainly good for Ashok.

Sushim Might Even Lose All His Superficial Powers

With nobody to guide him and provide solution to his problems it is most likely that Sushim might lose all his powers in the long run. No wonder, the tantric had informed Sushim how it is the end of his glorious days and start of Ashoka’s good period.

Besides, Sushim is not mentally strong like Ashoka. This makes it very clear that Sushim once again will become a weak person who won’t be able to fight againt Ashoka. He being weak will surely affect Siamak and Helena too as they won’t get his strong support the way they expected. Besides, if Ashoka is successful in defeating Sushim, it means the end of Siamak too.

Ankit Arora Sushim  Will Rajkumar Sushim Lose His Powers?

This is not what Helena expected – Well she wanted Sushim and Ashoka dying while fighting with each other so that her Siamak rules Magadh. It is indeed strange and weird how Helena has turned Siamak as her son Justin was not even half bad as that of Siamak today.

The game has just turned towards Ashoka and in the coming days we are sure he’ll simply wipe off his brothers starting from Rajkumar Sushim. Seems interesting, isn’t it?

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