Spoiler Alert! Rajmata Helena will be exposed in Ashoka serial finally!

The serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is all set to take a leap in the coming month. And with this leap, there will be a lot of changes in the serial – good as well as bad.

The serial will take a leap of 12 years. However, before that, the mastermind of almost all the plans – Rajmata Helena will be exposed. Good think is that her allies will expose her and that too by their silly mistake.

Helena Will Be Exposed Soon!

Before the serial enter the leap with almost all the new characters, the makers of the serial are all set to make Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat all the more interesting. This is precisely the reason why there are twists and turns which we have been waiting from long. One such twist will expose Helena.

rajmata helena Helena Will Be Jailed in Ashoka Serial!

Sushim and Charumitra’s Plan Will Expose Helena

Wondering when, how and who will expose Rajmata? Well, according to the sources, in the coming episodes, Sushim (Sumedh Mudgalkar) will give a certain potion to his mother Maharani Charumitra (Prinal Oberoi) so that she can give the potion to a pregnant Dharma (Pallavi Subhash).

charumitra in ashoka Helena Will Be Jailed in Ashoka Serial!

However, Helena (Suzzane Bernert) will consume the spiked drink mistakenly. This drink will indeed turn fatal to the lady as she will confess all her past misdeeds of the past including her various attempts to kill Samrat Bindusar.

Samrat Bindusar Will Send Rajmata to Life Imprisonment

Rajmata will tell everything under the spell of her drink much to everybody’s surprise. Samrat Bindusar will hear everything. He will then realize what a cruel woman his step mother actually is. Highly agitated about all her sin and drama, a sad Bindusar will then give her the punishment of Life Imprisonment. No wonder, he cannot give the order to kill her. After all, she is a woman and that too jis mother so what if she wanted to kill him. Not everybody is so evil.

Suzanne Bernert as Queen Helena in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2 Helena Will Be Jailed in Ashoka Serial!

This makes us wonder whether –

Charumitra and Sushim Will Be Caught Too?

Now that Rajmata speaks out everything. We wonder, if she talks about the murder of Acharya Chanakya. If that happens then Ashoka will surely get the hint of the murderers which in a way exposes – Sushim, Charumitra as well as Mahamatya. We just hope these two notorious get caught too. After all, they have been on the run from ages now.

sushim charumitra Helena Will Be Jailed in Ashoka Serial!

Will Helena Talk About Siamak’s Connection With Justin?

Now that Helena will reveal everything in hibernation, we are eager to know whether or not she will reveal the acrual truth about Siamak. The fact that he is not Bindusar’s son but Justin and Noor’s son. If this happens, the serial will be no less than a pot boiler and we will love every bit of it.

helena justin Helena Will Be Jailed in Ashoka Serial!

We just hope everything is clear and out in the open soon. Only then Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’s leap will have a dramatic turn and get an interesting prologue before the leap. What do you think?

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