Not yet the case is solved but directors give the Sheena-Bora case their direction.

Sheena Bora Murder case is no less than a serpentine road, which in fact with every passing day becomes mazy, more and more. No matter how much trouble the case must be giving out to the associated investigators, media is all set to wring this case garnering every quantum of TRP the case does and on the other hand, the directors and producers had set themselves in motion to make fortunes out of the case. Yes, you soon would have the pleasure to meet this mastermind Indrani, on silver screen of course.

rakhi swant indrani Rakhi Sawant To Be Indrani Mukerjea On Silver Screen

Well, what adds up more spice to this news is the choice of cast. The most ‘TRP-hungry’ figure in the world of entertainment, Rakhi Sawant has been roped in to play the role of Indrani. The film is christened as ‘Ek Kahani Julie Ki’, as reported by Rakhi.

Moreover, Rakhi’s comment like always left us agape. Where there is Rakhi, there is always a drama to laugh your head off. Pure entertainment is this lady. She claimed her to be the best friend of Rakhi, knowing Indrani in and out. But yet on being asked about the murder, she swung her face with a negative nod saying she did not have a smidgen of clue even. And still she was her best friend. Ironical, huh? To be in limelight, she can do anything hanky-panky.

By Prerna daga

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