The press seems to be totally spellbound by our single successful women like Rakhi Sawant, maligning their success and image unlike single successful men

She came from nowhere and became an item girl that gave her recognition in the big world of Bollywood. She is admired and even criticized for her outspoken behavior. She constantly amps up the drama when the cameras are around and may even speak her heart out. She is widely watched, her opinions supported or questioned. She has made countless controversial statements, since the Constitution let us shout what we yearn for. She is, as you know is none other than our very own Rakhi Sawant.

This is how the media portrays the lady who is a brand in herself. Nevertheless, the TRP starving media channel fails to recognize the positive traits in her and choose to treat her like vamp day in and day out. If you care to see her journey to stardom, you’ll find that she is a good business woman who like any other struggler in any business tried only to dig out all the loopholes on their way to top. A person with good vision, she knew item numbers was her first step to gain glory and fame and whatever she did, was only to attain success in the huge world of Bollywood, where on a daily basis thousands of dreams are shattered.

rakhi sawant priyanka chopra Why does media love to hate Rakhi Sawant and other single successful women ?

From a Tinsel town unknown with no showbiz association to a famous brand name on television, the glamorous, bold, wild and witty, Rakhi Sawant aka Neeru Sawant has come really a long way to become the toast of TV. At the moment, the theeki Mirchi has even inspired a lot of aspiring actresses from non filmy background to re-erect the same history and magic. Yet, the media ki beti is never acknowledged for her positive attitude, inspiration, uphill struggle and eagerness for action but only for her snappy comments and opinions.

She started her career with the famous item song, “Mohabbat Hai Mirchi” from the movie Chura Liya Hai Tumne and got positive reviews from her album, “Pardesiya”. She was hungry for more work as all hard working people are and was eyeing for a big screen role. She bagged her next role in Farah Khan’s super hit blockbuster, “Mai Hoo Na”. The only reason she could get the role of a bimbo in the movie was due to her hatke style. Yes, she went there in a Burkha and removed it in the auditions to reveal her hot pants and even hotter top. Just like an intelligent businessman knows his clients and markets well, Rakhi too had analyzed her patrons well. If a man would have done the same thing would he be targeted as a vamp?

rakmarrip full Why does media love to hate Rakhi Sawant and other single successful women ?

Rakhi wasn’t as diplomatic, sophisticated or polished like other girls in the industry so whatever came her way, whether raunchy item numbers or bathroom scenes (Deepak Tijori’s Khamosh), she grasped it whole-heartedly only to pursue her dream to make it big one day not only for her but for her family. And look she succeeded. Not to forget her humble background where she worked in college to support her mother after her father isolated them. Yes, she had the guts, courage and a will to change every negative aspect of her life into positivity.

The media and the public may botch her but one cannot deny the fact that, only because of her daring acts she could gain popularity as well as a spot in Nach Baliye, Big Boss and even shows dedicated to her – Rakhi Ka Swayamvar and Rakhi Ka Insaaf. (No, that doesn’t defend Poonam Pandey or Sheryln Chopra’s act) Will it therefore be fair enough to call her names, curse her for her stardom and cut her down by only witnessing one side of the story?

desi girl priyanka chopra Why does media love to hate Rakhi Sawant and other single successful women ?

Same goes with Priyanka Chopra, the Miss World 2000 and B-Town’s most eligible spinster. The media leaves no stones unturned in linking the hot lady with anyone and everyone coming her way. The moment she steps out with any male star or her co-star she is allegedly linked up with him.

The Press seems to be totally spellbound by our single successful women, maligning only with their success and image. On the contrary the single successful men are untouched no matter how they scale up or what they do. Does it signify that even in this century we look at people from a male dominated perspective?

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