Raman Bhalla and Ishita is the perfect couple on TV and fans just want them together in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

It’s been 7 years of Raman Bhalla and Ishita Iyer ‘s separation. Yes, the couple was separated for 7 years. However, now that they want Ruhi back in their lives, looks like they’ll have to marry to get Ruhi back.

We too want the same after all, IshRa look good together. Here, we  share reasons why we want the couple to marry again.

Raman Bhalla and Ishita are made for each other

When Adi played the game with Shagun and he said Raman, Shagun immediately replied Ishita. Yes, they are like a pair. You simply cannot think Raman without Ishita. Moreover, in spite of being so different they love each other immensely. They fight, they taunt each other, they even constantly pull each other’s leg, but they cannot stay without each other. They are simply made for each other.

raman ishita 5 Reasons Why We Want Raman Bhalla to Marry Ishita

They Love Each Other Unconditionally

Though circumstances are not always in their hand but despite standing against each other, they love each other immensely. Yes, their love is unconditional. We have seen this throughout. Nevertheless, Raman Bhalla acted that he hates Ishita but deep down he always loved her. In fact, because of this love he wanted nobody to take her name in the house as that would make him miss her all the more. Ishita too left Raman alone not because she had any hard feeling but because she thought Raman would be happy if she left him alone.

ishita raman 5 Reasons Why We Want Raman Bhalla to Marry Ishita


Even the Family Wants Them Together

Both the family – The Bhallas and the Iyers want the couple to stay together. They know how the two are. The families know that the couple will be happy together and only they can maintain the happiness alive in both the family by staying together. No wonder, post the exit of Ishita both the family quarreled like dogs and as soon as she re-entered she united them both and even brought Romi in the house.

team yeh hai mohabbatein 5 Reasons Why We Want Raman Bhalla to Marry Ishita

They are the Perfect Parents to RUHI

Though Ruhi hates them both, we cannot forget the fact that it is just her misconception. Both Ishita and Raman are perfect mother and father to her. As parents they have always ensured that their kids stay happy. They also changed Adi. Also, Raman became an adorable father to Pihu while, Ishita mothered Alia in Australia. Even now despite being separate the couple is striving hard to earn Ruhi’s love. After all, Ruhi was the one who brought them together then and Ruhi is the one who is bringing them close yet again.

yhm shocking twists raman ishita to confront in hijack ishita gets shot 5 Reasons Why We Want Raman Bhalla to Marry Ishita

Raman Bhalla and Ishita Is an Ideal Couple

Almost all the couples face issues but Raman and Ishita in a way tell us how to live a happy and cordial life despite all the problems coming our way. Yes, they are an ideal couple and being ideal, we as viewers want them to remarry as soon as possible.

ishita raman reunion 5 Reasons Why We Want Raman Bhalla to Marry Ishita

We are simply happy with the fact that Raman and Ishita are remarrying again in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – How about you?

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