Ved Pratap Vaidik, a close aide of Baba Ramdev meets 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed –  Jai ho Achche Din!

The country is well aware that Ved Pratap Vaidik is a close aide of Baba Ramdev who, in turn, is or has been the staunchest supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His recent meeting in Lahore, Pakistan has sparked off a major controversy.

His pictures with 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed have emerged on the TV and social media. Needless to say, the world also knows that Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed had orchestrated the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.  Just days  after his organisation was declared a terror outfit by the US, Saeed addressed a seminar at the Lahore High Court blathering against India and America.

ved pratap vaidik hafiz saeed Ramdevs Aide Ved Pratap Vaidik Meets 26/11 Mastermind Hafiz Saeed   Jai Ho Achche Din!

This was the second time that Saeed, who is the founder of banned terror organisation Laskar-e-Taiba, has addressed lawyers and others within the court premises this year.

The images that went round the TV and social media have put BJP establishment and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev in an unenviable and embarrassing situation.

Ved Pratap Vaidik has a repuatation of a scholar, political analyst and free lancer columnist of India. He had been with PTI as the founder-editor of its Hindi news agency “Bhasha”. He was the Editor (views) of  Nav Bharat Times also. At present, he is one of the most articulate pro-RSS and Anti – Congress Talk-show participant. He is also associated with the Chairman of Bhartiya Bhasha Sammelan.

Today, Rajya Sabha adjourned till noon after uproar over Ved Pratap Vaidik meeting 26/11 terrorist Hafeez Saeed .When grilled about his meeting with the dreaded international, he tried to play down his meeting saying that he also met Nawaz Sharif and many other leaders from Pakistan. He emphasized that  he met Saeed as a journalist and nothing more should be read out of read into his meeting with the 26/11 attacker.

According to VPV:  “I told Hafeez Saeed that Narendra Modi should not be feared. I am not anyone’s envoy, I went as a journalist. I put my life in danger Congress leaders are making so much noise in Parliament, agar unke neta milne jaate toh unka pajama giila ho jata, stretcher pe lana padta (Had their leaders met Saeed, they would have been frightened, and would have be brought out in a strecher). Salman Khursheed and Mani Shankar Aiyer were also part of delegation. “

I’m not talking about the unparliamentary language used by VPV here as it sends shudders to one’s spine to think how these RSS conglomerate would have responded if any Congressman had ever met the ‘No. One Enemy of India.’

What I want to know is how much the Government of India Knew about this meeting and was there a tacit approval given to this meeting in advance by the Government?

I can understand and respect the Government secret approach if it is willing to make a statement clarifying the issue. We need not share the details but we have the right to ask the government to put the matter straight.

I shall recall the recent SIMILAR or PARALLEL situation that had developed in Israel when the Israel Police and Shin Bet security service arrested Israeli Arab journalist and political activist Majd Kayyal on his way back to Israel from a three-week visit to Beirut. He was released to house arrest late Thursday afternoon, and his next court hearing is scheduled for April 22.

Kayyal, a resident of Haifa, was stopped at the Jordan River crossing. He was arrested on suspicion of visiting a hostile country and contacting foreign agents. His arrest was kept under wraps by a gag order that was lifted after the biggest newspaper of Israel ‘Haaretz’ petitioned the court against it. Kayyal had flown to Amman and then to Beirut on March 22 to attend a special conference by News paper ‘As-Safir’ marking its 40th anniversary.

The paper had invited journalists and writers from around the world. Kayyal told that he did nothing to harm Israel’s security and as far as he’s concerned, committed no crime. “In my view there is a natural connection between Haifa and Lebanon. I don’t see Lebanon as an enemy country,” he said. “I went there as a journalist visiting the news organization for which he writes, and the whole visit focused on professional matters and journalistic issues and on the social and political developments in the region. I made it clear that I didn’t violate any law and that the suspicions of my meeting with a foreign agent have no basis whatsoever.”

ved patap vaidik baba ramdev Ramdevs Aide Ved Pratap Vaidik Meets 26/11 Mastermind Hafiz Saeed   Jai Ho Achche Din!

Members of Kayyal’s family reject the grounds on which he was arrested, arguing that his role had been purely journalistic, and he was participating in a conference in a country that, unlike Israel, the Arab and Palestinian communities do not view as hostile. Kayyal rejects allegations that he met with “suspicious persons” outside the conference.

In view of the above story, I want to know if the information that a wanted criminal in the case of 26/11 had a meeting with an Indian national, should not be seen in the context of national security? I have great reservation when Mr PVP was asking Hafiz “to forget Gujarat & think of future.” I object to this statement in any capacity he has gone there.

During the elections, our beloved Prime Minister and his entourage had promised no Biryanis for Kassab & Co, only toughest measures were to be taken on terrorism?  ZERO RESULTS SO FAR! We have already invited Pak PM, accepted his mother’s  gifts and things. I don’t know if it is in the fitness of things that now poor Vedik couldn’t break the bread with Hafiz Saeed because of Ramadan.

However, I would like to know how  Vedik  addressed  to Saeed if not with SHREE or JANAB, strongly objected by RSS past, at their first encounter in Lahore? True colors of Khaki Chaddi’s are showing Mr Bhagwat and Baba Ramdev! Jai ho Achche Din!

By: Naim Naqvi

Image Source: Ved Pratap Vaidik, 26/11 Attack

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