With FIRs being filed against Ambani, Moily and Deora, we need to understand that Prof. Rangarajan, whose committee the government swears by, is only as much a criminal.

Reliance entered into contact with the government over the gas price in 2004. This was fixed at 2.34 dollars, validity 17 years, i.e. till 2021. First question, why price in dollars, when gas the gas is Indian origin? Second question, why gas only, why not other commodities in dollars? Lastly, when already contracted, why in 2007 price escalation in just 3-4 years, that too almost double, 4.2 dollars. Now again from April, it is double i.e. 8.4 dollars.

This very company has entered in to contract with Bangladesh on gas price of 2.34 dollars, validity 25 years. When the company supplying gas to Bangladesh at 2.34 dollar, why should the price in India be 8.4 dollars? The government taken shelter of the Rangarajan committee. Everyone knows how these committees function. FIRs should also be filed against Rangarajan & he should be put immediately into jail. He should be asked to explain how he reached this figure, that too during the contracted period.

Yet Moily says there’s nothing wrong in fixing the prices. I wish, I could badly abuse Moily, Ambani, Rangarajan & all those associated with the process. But I am sorry, my modesty does not permit. In any case everyone, including Ambani to all others in line, should be questioned, FIRs filed against them. Apart from corruption, working against the interests of the nation should also be the part of the FIR.

By Sarath Garimella

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