Here’s the latest Rangrasiya Update: we see a 7 year leap, Paro is dead and her lookalike Myra enters the story.

Happy endings? What are those? For a while, the popular Colors TV show Rangrasiya seemed to be meandering perilously close to one, and so drastic measures were used. All the usual devices to keep Paro and Rudra apart had been used and exhausted; and the much awaited consummation simply had to take place. Now wedded bliss is not something that goes down very well with serial makers or viewers so we had to have change in track; someone had to die! If you haven’t been following the story for the past weeks, here is a Rangrasiya update to put you in the picture:

Happily Ever After?

rangrasiya2 Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraParo and Rudra were hurtling towards the much awaited consummation – the prodigal mother, the evil vamp, a poisoning, the misunderstanding angle and even the promise to god had already been done and dusted. Consummate the marriage they must! So we had the much awaited consummation episode in Rangrasiya:

No Happy Ending Just Yet – Hit Fast Forward

rangrasiya4 Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraThe murderous villain is caught and put behind bars, we have time for our heroine to get pregnant and deliver a lovely baby boy. We skim quickly over these happy times – wedded bliss apparently doesn’t make for very good drama.

Paro Had to Die

paro Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter Myrarudra Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraWhen all conflicts in a love story are resolved, writers of serials find the need to kill off someone. So Paro had to die. The maniac Shantanu breaks out of prison, kills Paro and is in turn killed by Rudra, all in quick succession. We had a brief but dignified mourning from the bereaved Major but did not dwell on it. Moving forward…

The 7 Year Leap

myra Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraCut to 7 years later and we have several changes; there are also character additions and deletions from the plot.

Major No More

rangrasiya3 Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraSo the mythical BSD ki naukri is history, our hero is now a civilian who provides security services. He’s ditched the khakhi uniform for some ultra modern suits and bluetooth; ditched the characteristic anger for a more mellow personality who tries to be a good father.

Add Cute Quotient

rangrasiya6 Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraEnter 7 year old Dhruv, Paro and Rudra’s son – a wistful little boy who is mature beyond his years, highly sensitive to his father’s feelings, who wishes his dead mother would return. There is also Koel, the daughter of Shatabdi and Sumer who adds the natkhat angle to the family drama.

Minus Redundancies

mohini Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraWe are told almost by the way that Rudra’s parents, Dilsher and Mala have passed away, so that plot complication was evidently thought of as redundant and has been done away with. Good old Mohini is still there to make trouble though.

Enter Myra….. Right into His Arms

rangrasiya11 Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraThe thing with the conclusion of a love story is that viewers tend to lose interest in the tale thereafter. So we now have Myra – a modern young woman who grew up abroad and is now in India for her wedding. She is currently in need of security and who better than our major-turned-personal-security-provider Rudra to give it to her. And this is how they meet for the first time. She literally falls into his incredulous arms!

So it’s Still “Sanish”

rangrasiya Rangrasiya Update – Exit Paro, Enter MyraSo the PaRud story may have died its death but viewers will still be enjoying the crackling great chemistry between the lead pair of Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma (aka Sanish) in Rangrasiya. Another passionate and tortuous love story seems afoot! Stay tuned…

By – Reena Daruwalla

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Video courtesy – Colors TV

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