Rani Dharma is protecting Ashoka – Wil she know that Vaidya’s daughter is an attacker in disguise?

Keechak is trying everything to ensure his victory over Ashoka. However, being a stubborn kid, Ashoka is breathing despite fatal injuries. He is alive and still haunting Keechak and the gang so much that they are now trying to manipulate things to ensure Ashoka’s death.

Keechak Sends Poison With Vaidji to Kill Ashoka

On hearing that a lady is curing Ashok, Keechak tells his soldier to keep a watch on them. When the soldier informs that Vaidji is out to get a flower to heal Ashoka, his soldiers catches him and brings him in front of Keechak.

colors chakravartin ashoka samrat pics Will Rani Dharma Catch Keechak’s Sister?

Keechak scares the shit out of Vaidji and wants him to carry the same flower with deadly poison sprinkled on it. The Vaid is helpless as Keechak warms him about deadly consequences if he thinks of betraying him.

Keechak’s Sister Comes With the Vaid in the Hideout

Keechak sends his sister with Vaidji to attack Ashoka. However, the moment Rani Dharma sees the flower sprinkled with the odorless and colorless poison, she is shocked. She instantly recognizes the poison. However, she thanks Vaidji for bringing the poison as it will have a counter affect and save Ashoka’s life. She thanks Vaidji for thinking of a right solution.

takshashila episode ashoka serial Will Rani Dharma Catch Keechak’s Sister?

Both Vaidji and Keechsk’s sister are shocked to hear this from Rani Dgarma. While, Vaidji is pleasant happy, Keechak’s sister is annoyed.

Keechak’ Sister Wants to Kill Ashoka

Keechak’s sister who has entered the hideout as Vaidji’s daughter is eager to kill Ashoka anyhow. She is wants him to be dead before the sunrise. This is the reason why she pleads to stay with Ashoka till morning though Rani Dharma denies saying that she will take care.

chakravartin ashoka samrat colors tv wallpaper images pics photos Will Rani Dharma Catch Keechak’s Sister?

However, Keechak’s sister is adamant and Rani Dharma obliges. In the precap we saw how Keechak’s sister suffocates Ashoka.

Will Keechak’s Sister Be Caught in the Process?

We know Ashoka cannot die at this stage so it is obvious thst Keechak’s sister will not be successful anyhow. Who will catch her – Will it be Rani Dharma who will see Keechak’s sister ill treating her unconscious son or will it be Acharya Devrath who will know the truth by then.

kichak ashoka tv serial Will Rani Dharma Catch Keechak’s Sister?

After all, the Baidji wants to tell Acharya Devrath everything about his encounter with Keechak. In the past we have.never seen any informer alive. So, we wonder, whether.Vaidji would be alive to tell the narration to Acharya Devrath.

However, we just hope that Keechak’s sister gets caught in.the whole drama.

Keechak Will Surely Not Risk His Sister’s Life

Once his sister is caught, there will surely be a turn of events as Keechak will never do anything that will risk the life of his sister.

sudhanshu pandey in ashoka Will Rani Dharma Catch Keechak’s Sister?

We finally hope this whole sequence turns in favor of Ashoka so that he can finally kill Keechak and get a hold over Takshashila. No wonder, now he even has his mom’s support who is right beside him. It is high time we see an end of Keechak raj in Takshashila. 

What do you think – Will Rani Dharma be able to get hold of Keechak’s sister or will Keechak’s sister be successful in spoiling Ashoka’s health further?

Image Source: Snapshot from Episode Video

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