Rani Dharma to know about Karuwaki’s truth?

Kaurwaki is hiding her identity in the palace. She is in the palace as Rajkumari Padmavati in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. While, she has no intentions to hide her real name and background, she is compelled to do so as she wants to see whether Ashok has forgotten his love or still feels the same for her.

Yes, she is here only for Ashoka. However, she has no idea that Ashoka has already recognized her and is playing around her.

Rani Dharma is Sad that Kaurwaki Didn’t Come to Patliaputra

Rani Dharma always saw Kaurwaki as her daughter-in-law. This is the reason why she even insisted Samrat Bindusar to send an invitation to Kalinga though Kaling is not a friendly state. Samrat Bindusar did send an invite but nobody came. While, everybody is thinking what can be the reason, nobody has even the slightest clue that Kaurwaki is in the house but in a disguised form.

Saumya Seth Kaurwaki Will Rani Dharma Know that Padmavati is Kalinga’s Princess Kaurwaki?


On the other hand, Raja Jagannath, Kaurwaki’s father and Kaling’s raja think that Kaurwaki is dead. He has no idea that his daughter is alive and the girl who died was none other than Kaurwaki’s childhood friend Bela who sacrificed her life for the reunion of Kaurwaki and Ashok.

Rani Dharma became depressed post realizing that the RAJKUMARI whom she envisioned as her daughter-in-law isn’t participating in the occasion they have arranged to choose their daughter-in-law.

Rani Dharma Though Seem to be Impressed by Rajkumari Padmavati

Though Rani Dharma has no idea who Rajkumari Padmavati is, she seems to be impressed by her talks and thinking. Besides, she remembers that this Rajkumari is the same girl who also helped her when she was in need. She not only gave food to Vit and her but also ensured that her elder son Ashok too has something to eat.

devi dharma Will Rani Dharma Know that Padmavati is Kalinga’s Princess Kaurwaki?

Rani Dharma seems to have blown away by Rajkumari Padmavati’s good thoughts and talks. Interestingly, while talking to a particular spot in the palace she also feels that she talked to her at the same place. Though she thinks it is just her thinking, she doesn’t realize that it was the same place where she had asked Kaurwaki to always stand besides Ashoka through his thick and thin.

Kaurwaki on the other hand remembers the moment and also mentions in her mind that how it is not possible for her alone.

Will Rani Dharma Recognize Kaurwaki in disguise?

Devi is trying her best to reunite Kaurwaki and Ashoka. She is doing all sorts of things. Besides, Devi Dharma knows certain habits of Kaurwaki. Going by both these things we assume there can be a possibility that Devi Dharma get to know that Rajkumari Padmavati is none other than Rajkumari Kaurwaki – the Kalinga princess.

saumya seth kaurwaki Will Rani Dharma Know that Padmavati is Kalinga’s Princess Kaurwaki?

If this happens we are sure she’ll try her best to reunite the two as she knows Ashoka loves nobody other than her and only she can handle him well.

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