Know everything you wanted to know about Rani Noor in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat TV Serial!

Rani Noor (Ankita Sharma) is a fictional wife of Samrat Bindusar, the first born of Chandragupta Maurya in Chakravartin Ashoka serial. However, in the TV serial we see Samrat Bindusar is younger to Rajkumar Justin (again a fictional character). Rani Noor belongs to the Khorasan province, a historical site which lies mostly in parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan.

rani noor ashoka tv serial Rani Noor – The Khorasani Queen Of Samrat Bindusar!

Here we share certain key information about Rani Noor, a character that has been making noise right from the very first day:

Rani Noor Is Mir Khorasan’s Daughter Who Wants to Marry Samrat Bindusar, Anyhow!

Rani Noor was introduced as a young and vibrant girl who is in love with Samrat Bindusar and wants to marry him at any cost. Her wish is fulfilled by her father Mir Khorasan who makes a political alliance with Bindusar and gives his daughter’s hand into his. Next, the father becomes Bindusar’s senapati. Before the marriage happens, Ujjaini’s raja Shaktiraj attacks Pataliputra and Samrat Bindusar go for a war. Here in this war, Noor’s brother dies while saving Bindusar.

noor khorasan mir khurasan ashoka colors Rani Noor – The Khorasani Queen Of Samrat Bindusar!

Bindusar kills Shaktiraj but is brutally attacked by Rajmata Helena’s goons. People assume he is dead. Nobody knows Helena attacked him. However, he is found by Devi Dharma and she treats him without knowing the fact that he is the Samrat. Slowly, Samrat recovers and both fall in love. They marry and even spend a night together. Next morning Bindusar reveals his real identity, she then urges him to go back to the kingdom and control things. She remains in the jungle while Bindusar promises to return back.

On Her First Night Rani Noor Realizes that Bindusar Is Madly in Love with Some Devi Dharma

In the absence of Bindusar, Helena decides to crown her son Justin as the next Samrat, however, her plan is spoiled because Bindusar reaches at the right moment. She fakes her happiness and Bindusar regains his throne. As promised, he marries Rani Noor. However, on the marriage night, he makes a strange confession.

rani noor ashoka Rani Noor – The Khorasani Queen Of Samrat Bindusar!

He reveals the truth about Devi Dharma and mentions how he can never love Noor since he loves his second wife Devi Dharma the most. Agitated by Samrat Bindusar’s love for Dharma, Noor decides to kill Dharma with the help of her father. Meanwhile, Bindusar thinks it is time to bring Devi Dharma in the palace and orders Mir to bring her back safely. However, Khorasan reaches the place and tells a pregnant Devi Dharma that Bindusar has told him to kill her. He sets her hut ablaze and leaves her to die. However, she not only survives, but also gives birth to her baby boy Ashoka.

Samrat Bindusar Never Loves Noor

Although Noor loves Bindusar, the Samrat is madly in love with Devi Dharma. When Mir shares the news that Devi Dharma died in the fire he cannot believe and gets even more distanced from his Rani(s). This infuriates Noor further who is too jealous to know that Samrat Bindusar has no interest in her and loves a Van kanya (forest girl.) Even when he is unconscious he takes Dharma’s name.

She has an Illicit Relationship With Rajkumar Justin

Rajkumar Justin, Samrat Bindusar’s elder brother always loved Rani Noor even before she married Bindusar. Rani Noor who never gets Bindusar’s attention finally spends more time with Justin. Nobody knows but they are in a relationship (Yes, physical) and even love each other very much. While, initially it seems that Noor is only using Justin, as the days passed by we realize she really loves him. Moreover, the father of Rani Noor’s son Siamak is also Rajkumar Justin.

justin rani noor romance ashoka Rani Noor – The Khorasani Queen Of Samrat Bindusar!

Too Ambitious, She Wants Her Son To Become the Next Samrat

She is the second wife (nobody knows that Dharma is second till now) of Bindusar and her son is second born, yet she desires that her son should become the next Samrat. She thinks he is much better and much capable than the first born Sushim. However, though she makes people believe that Siamak is Bindusar’s son, the truth is he is Justin’s son.

siamak noor khorasan ashoka serial colors tv Rani Noor – The Khorasani Queen Of Samrat Bindusar!

Beautiful and intelligent, she is one of the cunning Queens of Samrat Bindusar but not as cunning as Maharani Charumitra

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