Rani Subhrasi in Ashoka serial is a changed personality now. Is she turning towards the evil? Will she be negative? Will be plan against Dharma?

Rani Subhrasi has been one of our favorite queens always in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, apart from Rani Dharma of course! From the start, she has been a simple, sweet Rani unlike her two counterparts – Maharani Charumitra and Rani Noor. Besides, she is also a good Rani who cares about others including her servants. Her equation with Devi Dharma when she was her sevika was simply heart-warming.

rani subhrasi Oh No! Look, We Now Have A Hard hearted Rani Subhrasi!

However, she is not the same anymore. Yes, though Rani Subhrasi has not turned evil or bad like Rani Noor or Maharani Charumitra, she is not that good too – the way she used to be. Ever since, she got to know that her sevika is Samrat Bindusar’s favorite queen, she has changed completely – having nothing but feelings of jealousy. She neither talks to her nicely nor behaves gently. Her jealousy is turning into animosity which we could see in the last episode when Rani Subhrasi shunned Rani Dharma after Sushim’s win in the verbal contest.

Will Rani Subhrasi Turn Against Rani Dharma?

Rani Subhrasi was quite disturbed the day she got to know about Samrat Bindusar’s favorite wife – Rani Dharma. She lost all her patience and even behaved in a strange way. Still, she was quite normal and didn’t think of harming Dharma like Charumitra. Next, she got to know that her sevika is only Rani Dharma and things changed drastically.

rani subhrasi Oh No! Look, We Now Have A Hard hearted Rani Subhrasi!

The lad couldn’t believe her ears. Besides, when Rajmata asked her to dress Rani Dharma appropriately as a queen she was not only unhappy but also highly irritated. What’s more, she took out her frustration on Rani Dharma and confronted her for teling lies. Though we thought she is angry and will mellow down in the process, her behavior only worsened with time.

Charumitra Is All Set to Use Rani Subhrasi

Charumitra is both smart and shrewd. She knows how to use people for her advantage. This is the reason the moment she saw Subhrasi’s uneasiness towards Dharma, she tried to add fuel to the fire. Surprisingly, Subhrasi listened to Charumitra and acted in her favor. You never know if Charumitra continues to fill Subhrasi’s ears every now and them to distance her from Dharma. Besides, we have Rani Noor too who hates Rani Dharma.

maharani charumitra ashoka Oh No! Look, We Now Have A Hard hearted Rani Subhrasi!

If this will continue, we will surely see a changed Rani Subhrasi – somedbody similar to Rani Noor and Maharani Charumitra. Though we believe she won’t turn as bad as them but going by her behavioral patterns it won’t be surprising if she becomes one amongst them.

Rani Subhrasi Should Rather Befriend Dharma

While Dharma considers Dhrupad more like her son, Rani Subhrasi is insecure about her son’s future because of Ashoka. This is the reason why she got so pleased to see Sushim win the tournament. However, it would be rather boring to see 3 Queens against Rani Dharma.

preet kaur subrashi ashoka Oh No! Look, We Now Have A Hard hearted Rani Subhrasi!

Nevertheless, since this is totally a fictional angle in the serial, we hope the makers keep Rani Subhrasi as a positive character who soon gets over her so called jealousy and insecurity. No wonder, it would be interesting to see her sided towards Bindusar and Dharma rather Charumitra and Noor – What do you think?

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