Guys, you really need to learn from Ranveer Singh!

Ranveer Singh is the best boyfriend we have ever seen in Bollywood. He not only takes immense care about his girl, but also makes sure he brings a smile on her face anyhow. Everytime he is with his girlfriend Deepika Padukone, he gives us some serious relationship goals.

Definitely, boys should learn a lot from Ranveer Singh. Afterall, he is one boyfriend every girl would like to have. Here are the reasons why:

Ranveer Singh Knows How to Surprise His Girl!

This boyfriend can do anything for his girl. Yes, anything when it comes to surprises. Didn’t you see, he took off time, flew to Toronto, Canada just to be with his girlfriend on Valentine’s eve?

deepika padukone ranveer singh 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

He Neither Hides His Relationship Nor Feelings

Many of the girls often complain that their boyfriends never open up about their feelings or relationship. Girls do like when their beau in a way (through their actions) indirectly announce to the world that he is her boyfriend.

ranveer singh twitter 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

Besides, didn’t you see his tweets post Deepika’s departure to Canada for her Hollywood movie xXx? He not only saw Deepika in everything but openly (indirectly of course!) expressed how badly he is missing her!

He Is Quite Supportive and Cherish the Success of his Girl

Whether it is rooting for Deepika Padukone in an award show or praising about her in public, Ranveer Singh never shies away from talking about the success of his girl in public. In fact, he is happy and quite encouraging as a partner.

ranveer singh deepika padukone screen awards 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

He Is With Her Even in Her Bad Times

Ranveer Singh stood by Deepika Padukone when she was battling with depression. Moreover, he also stood by her in the cleavage drama between her and the national daily. Now who doesn’t want a boyfriend who is always ready to give his shoulder to cry.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone hug 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

He Doesn’t Shy Away from Meeting Her Parents

We have so many instances when Ranveer Singh met Deepika’s family including her father Prakash Padukone. Interestingly, it wasn’t some kind of professional event but a personal meeting. Yes, he isn’t the one who’ll shy away from meeting her parents.

ranveer singh clothing 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

He Loves and Respect Her Parents as Much as She Does!

We all know how Ranveer Singh flew from a foreign country to Bangalore (during the IIFA awards) just to attend Prakash Padukone’s birthday celebration. Besides, in one of the awards recently, he even touched Deepika’s parents’ feet after his win. No wonder, Deepika’s father is fond of him.

Prakash Ranveer Deepika 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

He is Fun-Filled and Full of Life

In the presence of Ranveer Singh, you’ll see a smiling Deepika always. No wonder, Ran is full of life. This is the reason why we see their funny photoshoots post their film shoots. Their Dubsmashes together simply gave us some serious relation goals.

ranveer singh deepika padukone arjun kapoor 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

He Gives Her Own Space!

Ranveer Singh is simply awesome as a bf especially because he gives her own space. No wonder, Deepika is still friends with her ex Ranbir and he understands her bonding with him as a friend. Same thing goes with Deepika who lets Ranveer be as he is.

Ranveer Deepika Ranbir photo 8 Things Boyfriends Should Learn From Ranveer Singh!

No wonder, we simply love them as a couple and surely want them to walk down the aisle soon!

Image Source: Twitter –  @RanveerOfficial, Instagram – @ranveersingh


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