Everybody loves Ranveer Singh even the VVIPS!

We love Ranveer Singh and his energy that is so very contagious! No wonder, the Bollywood star is known for his lively nature. This is the reason why everybody knew that a good time is guaranteed as soon as he checked in for the NDTV Awards in his trademark style along with his alleged girlfriend Deepika Padukone.

Ranveer Singh Was the Life of the NDTV Awards

Ranveer Singh was awarded as the “Entertainer of the Year” and as the song from his last film Bajirao Mastani played, Ranveer Singh broke into an impromptu jig (as he does) on the stage and even made Barkha danced on to the tunes.

ranveer singh farooq abdullah barkha dutt When Ranveer Singh Played With Farooq Abdullah, Barkha Dutt, Deepika & Suhel Seth...


To everybody’s delighted surprise, Mr. Farooq Abdullah too joined him on the stage. And the bigger surprise was that Farooq Abdullah, 78, almost out-danced the brilliant 30-year-old actor.

Here’s the video. Who knew that the former CM of Jammu & Kashmir Mr  Farooq Abdullah could get this jiggy? Have a look:

Surprised? Well, no wonder, we love Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s dance. Ranveer Singh too felt the same and this is the reason why he stated the following on Twitter –


Farooq Abdullah Expressed His Desire to Be an Actor in his Next Life

On stage, the brand ambassador of Durex even suggested that Bollywood’s biggest star might be worried if Dr. Farooq Abdullah, the National Conference leader switched careers. “I think Mr Bachchan would be in trouble if you took to acting,” Ranveer told Mr Abdullah. However, he said “I would have loved to be an actor but will have to wait for the next life,” Farooq Abdullah replied.

ranveer singh farooq abdullah dance When Ranveer Singh Played With Farooq Abdullah, Barkha Dutt, Deepika & Suhel Seth...

Suhel Seth Appreciated Ranveer Singh As Well

When Barkha Dutt asked Ranveer the question that Deepika Padukone asked her to ask Ranveer on stage, “Whether he love female attention?”, Ranveer Singh quickly said, “Don’t we all Suhel – You are the perennial player man!”. Suhel again couldn’t stop praising the Bollywood star. Calling him the gender neutral and said, “Ranveer will soon beat all the players because he is the only one who could play with Farooq sahab, Deepika and Barkha in the same evening.”

suhel seth controversial photos When Ranveer Singh Played With Farooq Abdullah, Barkha Dutt, Deepika & Suhel Seth...

Even Ms. Barkha Dutt Couldn’t Stop Praising Ranveer Singh

We all know what an angry old woman Barkha Dutt actually is. But, but, but, courtesy our Bajirao, he also made her dance to his tunes. She was fully impressed by the actor and didn’t mind shaking her legs with the potential Bollywood superstar. Apparently, the not so self-conscious star is Barkha’s favorite. Well, Ranveer indeed has a thing in him. Don’t you think so?

ranveer singh ndtv When Ranveer Singh Played With Farooq Abdullah, Barkha Dutt, Deepika & Suhel Seth...

Interestingly, Barkha Dutt even insisted Ranveer Singh not to call her Ma’am at all. In addition, she was the one who long with others couldn’t resist the fact that Ranveer Singh had come in his formals. To which, he couldn’t resist showing his polka dot socks.

Ranveer Singh once again proves that he not just rules the masses hearts but also the VIPS and VVIPS.Yes, everybody loves Ranveer Singh!

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