Ranveer Singh surprises yet again! Watch his craziness to see how he surprised people at Bandra’s busiest Road in Mumbai!!!

When Hrithik challenged Ranveer Singh to get out of the car on a busy street and pose for his fans, little did we know that Ranveer would actually accept it. But, being the man of distinctive style, the Durex brand ambassador not just posed but also danced in one of the busiest roads of Mumbai. Yes, he did “Mai Aisa Kyu Hoon” right in front of Linking Road’s KFC. Now need I explain how busy is Bandra’s Linking road??? Check out Ranveer’s jalwa, public’s response and Pandu’s reaction right here –

Our Reaction Exactly!

hrithik roshan ranveer singh bang bang This Is Why We Love Ranveer Singh & His Craziness !

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