Ranveer Singh is raising awareness of safe sex through his Durex Condom Ad. Here is a piece for all those Indians who think he shouldn’t have done the ad

Ranveer Singh, the Rapper Cum Durex Star

Ranveer Singh is in news once again, this time for all the good reasons. No wonder, the Ramleela star has done something which none of his contemporaries ever did before – Yes, in what we may call as a bold and brawny step, the star is now endorsing “Durex”, a condom brand to promote safe sex.

While some of the people across India are still raising their eyebrows with the very thought of an A-List actor endorsing a condom brand, here I disclose my own take as to why Ranveer Singh strikes the right chord with his audacious step of endorsing Durex, a condom brand –

ranveer singh durex condom o 5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Rocks in the Durex Condom Ad

1. Ranveer Singh is not just endorsing a product but creating awareness through it

When Amitabh Bachchan promotes a campaign for Polio Dose or Aishwarya Rai raises an awareness for HIV/AIDS, they are seen as goodwill ambassadors. However, when Ranveer Singh chooses to endorse a precautionary product for creating the same awareness, the same people see him with raised eyebrows. Now, aren’t Mr. Bachchan and Ranveer Singh doing the same?

Sexy Ranveer Singh 5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Rocks in the Durex Condom Ad

2. Ranveer Singh is promoting safe sex and sexual wellbeing

With the number of unwanted pregnancies along with spread of HIV/AIDS at an escalating rate, it is better to see Ranveer Singh singing a rap for raising an awareness rather than the shh shh advertisements where people talk in codes. Besides, even if Ranveer sings “Let’s do the rex” it is less of endorsing Durex and more of endorsing a condom for safe sex.

Here’s the lyrics –

Iss taale ki chaabi ko tu jeb mein rakh,
Kyunki kya pata kab chamak jaye tera luck,
Jab you & me raazi, toh phir kya shaq,
Just give it to me baby, I don’t give a flying f***

3. Ranveer Singh is promoting a healthy product which is anytime better than promoting a harmful “Cola!”

Recently Amitabh Bachchan quit promoting Pepsi after a girl asked him a simple innocent question as to why he promotes Pepsi when he knows it is harmful. Going by the same thought, don’t you think, Ranveer Singh is doing a better job than Amitabh Bachchan and other Bollywood actors along with cricketers, since he is not promoting a harmful item but a healthy product?

amitabh sachin tendulkar ad o 5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Rocks in the Durex Condom Ad

4. Ranveer Singh approached Durex and not the other way round

It was Ranveer Singh who approached the brand so that he could endorse a healthy thing. Over the years, though he got many offers for endorsement for several products, he  chose Durex over others. Ranveer Singh approaching the company might be a strange thing but some how or the other it brings a positive change in the nation where taking about sex or sex related topics is considered as a taboo.

Ranveer Singh Durex Condom Ad 5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Rocks in the Durex Condom Ad

5. The Ad is sober and not sleazy or awkward

While, most of the condom ads till date made you switch channels, this one is an exception. This rapper ad looks better than some of the trailer of the Hindi movies and is lot more sober than many of the music videos of the past. In simple words, Ranveer delivers the message flawlessly without actually sounding nasty.

Durex Ad Ranveer Singh 5 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Rocks in the Durex Condom Ad

Also, I would like to mention that here in this ad for a change we do not see any women being objectified. No girl here is seductively playing with a strawberry, banana or a mango but Ranveer Singh playing  it all cool.

I sincerely hope the ad makers of Slice and Choc On are keeping their eyes and ears open

By: Deepti Verma 

 Image Source: India Today, Indian EXPRESS, Ranveer SinghGIFSoup, Cover Image