A woman who tried to commit suicide was raped by her would be rescuers. What does this say about our much vaunted Indian culture? What culture!

What Has Happened To Our Culture?stop rape1 RAPE OF CULTURE

  1. We Indians have got to stop patting ourselves on our backs for our (supposedly) glorious past and our (presumably) rich culture. Now is the time for introspection and for confronting the many evils within our communities and in our collective national conscience. The continuing increase in the numbers of reported rapes in India, the barbaric inhumanity of their circumstances and the heinous facts surrounding of each case are so appalling that they shock us; that they can and should stir us into some kind of action.
  2. Recently yet another story of rape came to light; this one is the case of supposed rescue that turned into a rape. In a mass suicide attempt by an entire family of parents and 5 sisters, one of the women was washed ashore. She was discovered on the shore by two fishermen who then proceeded to rape her. Two men have been arrested in Puducherry in this connection. (Source – NDTV)
  3. This set of circumstances beggars the imagination – if this story is true, then there are some obvious questions to be asked: what did the two men think when they saw a woman who had just escaped drowning – why did these men rape her instead of getting her the help that common, human decency would call for?
  4. Did they proceed to do what they did because they felt that they could get away with their crime, did they simply think nothing of that human being because this was only a suicide victim after all? Did they think it was OK to do what they did – this was only a woman after all?
  5. This is one incident; the galling fact is that several, far worse incidents are reported each day. A vast number of those crimes are not even being reported, so actual numbers are not even known.
  6. The horrendous rapes that are being reported – rape of young girls, in cases infants, violent assaults involving not one but many men forcing themselves on a woman, punitive rapes by men of ‘higher’ castes to show lower caste women ‘their place’, rapes by men in positions of trust; by sham babas and so called spiritual leaders… Where is our much vaunted Indian culture here?
  7. We have to acknowledge the fact there is an endemic rape culture in our country that stems from a deep misogyny and disrespect for women in our society. This disrespect manifests in any of many ways: female feticide, female infanticide, dowry, dowry deaths, sexual harassment in public spaces, groping, domestic violence, molestations, assaults, rapes, murders. … the list of crimes against women in our country is lamentably long.
  8. While these crimes against women are a continuing reality in our country how can we speak of our culture? What culture is it that is disrespectful and dismissive of half its population?
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