The age old concept associated with Rape is but a myth. Women are raped because they are an irrevocable part of “Sexual Politics. “

Dear Mulayam Singh Yadav: This is an Open Letter to you and your shenanigans in protest of your comment: “Boys will be boys, they make mistakes… Will you hang them for rape?” Yes Mulayam Singh Yadav, Your words ‘Raped’ me and thousands like me who believe in Women liberation! You have decomposed: My essence, my individuality as a woman! While i feel, I should gift you some psychology books and rather teach you, I hope my letter reaches you! 

The Current Mentality of women of India: Mr. Yadav-(If you and your Bureaucrats know at all!)

How far is the land of equal lot? The land of non commodified existence brought upon by the second sex lot?- The question seems to haunt every female heart at this moment. The absence of silver lined cloud seems to be permanent and quite paradoxically has been denied the ray of perennial hope! Fear is deeply ingrained in the heart of numerous Indian women, the “second sex”, and the marginalized cross sectioned women folk. And time has arrived to raise the feminine voice against the sexual, cultural, and social domination of the female sector by the privileged Hegemony- the patriarchal hierarchy!


What is Rape? (Please MR. Yadav- Ignorance is not always Bliss: Be Enlightened)

As cultural globalization is on its way and the ebbs and flows are witnessed categorically, the third person singular numbers (read women) remain to be the totemic symbol of sacrifice and commodification! And we are so complacent with it!  I believe Rape is supposedly one of the tools of generic gender domination.  Rape is an act of sexual violence and the abuse of power by the patriarchy, a threat to the women folk reinstating the fact that women are subject to denial of human dignity and the normal human rights to safety. So, please have a second thought on your words , if you will: “Ladkiyan pehle dosti karti hain. Ladke-ladki mein matbhed ho jata hai. Matbhed hone key baad usey rape ka naam dey deti hain. Ladko sey galti ho jati hai. Kya rape case mein phasi di jayegi? (First girls develop friendship with boys. They when differences occur, they level rape charges. Boys commit mistakes. Will they be hanged for rape).” ….I feel sorry about your  diseased psychology: Get a Life!

Patriarchal Rape Mechanism

The critical problem of Rape must be viewed from an objective perspective. Derrida in his essay “Structure, sign and play in the discourse of Human Sciences”, has questioned the notion of “structure” and the concept of  ‘centre”. The centre dominates the structure but even the centre falls within a structure! A centre exists because human beings desire a centre that is synonymous to security, and support system.  In sexual politics, the centre is Patriarchy that is synonymous to a god like figure as examined by the women folk.  Once upon a time in India, the European imperialists were a god like figure who dominated not only across the physical territories but even the minds of the backward Indians, and the concept of role-playing was inherent in both-the dominated and the dominator. The Euro-centric populace tagged themselves as “Us” , the “us” referring to the civilised, powerful, intelligent class. While the Indians and other colonised people were tagged as “others”, the same referring to backward, cross sectioned, weak mass. Without the presence and action of the dominator the role of the dominated is meaningless and vice versa. If gender and post colonial studies are to be equated, the patriarchy thrives to be the dominator, who is worshipped by the women folk and seen as a ‘messiah’, the saviour who nourishes a larger than life persona and is capable of protection.

mulayam singhs comments on rape The Rape Mirror: An open letter to Mulayam Singh Yadav

On the other hand lies the marginalised second sex whose very existence thrives to be at the mercy of the saviour class, the patriarchal hegemony. And it is the role-playing of the women in general amidst the patriarchal Indian society that gives the women the role of weak, pitiable class and again passes the baton of supremacy to the male hood. From the platform of identity crisis they attain an identity of the saviours, messiah, and a supreme omniscient, omnipotent power.

Things would have continued in the similar manner, women worshiping men, and men gratified with the title and position attributed to them by their fellow counterparts. However women-“The Imperfect Man” as Thomas Aquinas observes, received education and were enlightened enough to ask for their rights, and even have them by hook or crook. As a result the dynamics of the power play changed. Globalisation entered in this land and the western concepts of Being, identity threatened to abolish the conceptual walls merging the “us” and “others”.  Education empowered womanhood with a perception and with perception arrived a opinionated self, not the one imposed by society at large but the one that is self chosen, built and nourished. Even as women started working and earned their economic freedom, the role of patriarchy in their life diminished to a great extent. In Jane Austen’s novella, as for example Pride and Prejudice, the Bennett sisters are shown to be commodified entities, body based identities. They are to be handed from one generation to the other to the one who bids the highest price ; thus the economic transaction takes place as commodity is handed over to the lord within the framework of the gruesome custom of marriage market.  Marriage becomes a wed lock, in one sense economic and financial independence for the “fortunate” lady and in the other sense- end of personal identity. Thus they had to don the cap of hunters only to ensure their own fortune or monetary stability. The Victorian age is history and so is the concept of fortune earning marriage, as women nowadays choose their own love interests.  Though in some cases the chase becomes soul satisfying as at the end lies the winning price: consuming a female of intellect and position.

Amidst such topsy-turvy condition of the male world, the device of Rape is a miraculous poison, which works wonders for the  domination of the independent woman who has carved a niche of her own. The woman must be brought to the pedestal and dominated to ascertain the male supremacy. Rape is a symbol rather a metaphor to dominate the very spirit of enlightened, emancipated independent woman. Women liberation is scary enough for the men folk. Men are hunters and women hunted is but an eternal truth; at least a society constructed truth. However what if the hunted starts having a voice of her own and dismisses the brutality of dominance by the weapon of rape? Only scary revelations dig up and enlighten womanhood to protest and raise voice against patriarchal, societal atrocity. I know Mr. Yadav you are also bloody Scared! I know you think like this :A tip to prevent rape: “The girl should have taken God’s name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said, ‘I consider you my brother’ and to the other two, she should have said, ‘brothers, I am helpless. You are my brothers, my religious brothers.’ Then the misconduct wouldn’t have happened.”

 The Problemetization of the concept of Rape, do you know Mr. Yadav?

Rape is the procedure of having intercourse with a woman without her consent. Rape may be viewed as an act of violation of the physical body, and/or on emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels for months to come and years to proceed. Rape can occur any moment ,anytime. Rape may be domestic, or committed by a fellow traveler, an adult relative. Within the Indian scenario child rape has increased to a great extent. Starting from school Principals, to teachers to tenants’ rapists are abundant. Even the presence of an adult relative who allures the child by bribing the child to participate in a sexual activity is hardly a far cry. Domestic rape is often not reported and the police too seems to be reluctant to lodge a complaint as there is the legal right of the husband to “consume “ his wife. Amidst the Indian scenario the problem occurs as the victim is often reluctant to lodge a complaint as she is subjected to pressure: of abandonment, social stigma and further embarrassment. As an obvious result the rapists roam around freely and indulge in further crime. It is indeed painstaking and delirious to think that it is the victim whose character is brought out into the postmortem table and scrutinized and not the rapist’s! It’s she who faces the pangs of embarrassment and humiliation. Hence it may be deduced that a woman is raped once by the rapist but raped several times by the society.

310112satish 1024x767 The Rape Mirror: An open letter to Mulayam Singh Yadav

That’s Mr. Yadav for you!

The Psychological War front

The act of rape creates an everlasting trauma; not only does rape rob a woman of her self-dignity but even leads to low self-confidence level. The victim starts thinking as to why it was none other but she who had been attacked,( thanks to a certain section of the society who paves the way for such beliefs! I Guess Mr Yadav is one of them!) The victimised holds herself responsible, her dress, her acts and her conducts for her assault. Dress thrives to be an important factor when the issue of rape is addressed. Dress of a woman changed owing to the winds of change in the cultural map as well as the political, socioeconomic change and even a man’s mood change. The patriarchy have had often tried dictating woman her “should be” behaviour, dress code and conduct. One can trace the answer if one follows the historical evolution of human culture and the assorted ways.


     Activity                            Passivity

Sun                       Moon

Head                      Heart

   Culture                     Nature

 While Column A traces the features characteristic to a man, column B traces the ones characteristic to a woman.  Column A thrives to be the matter and relationships of Authority, of privilege, of force; column B traces the ones of security, relief and subversive identity. Column B is followed by Column A and in writing or in social stratification thus, Column A or male leads and woman follows. If the similar bifurcation is to be seen from a class point of view, for a woman to rise the A grade level or rather earn for herself vertical mobility, she has to become a member of the master class or ruling class. Her role-playing has to be in full blossom and she has to indulge in a self-willed or compromising submission to have access to the dominant culture or the male culture. Hence women, the outsiders in male domain and the mere play things do shine in the role of a tomboy as by imitating the males she is trying to adopt a dominant culture only to be fit in that world that would ensure her physical protection.  Thus the binary leanings operating within social network and macrocosm seem to bifurcate the social roles of men and women. While men are associated with reason and intellect women are associated with sensitivity; hence human respect is merely denied to women folk.  She is the object- either to be consumed or when it comes to a transgressor transcending the petty limits of male dominions, she is to be ‘Raped.’

You are Playing Gender Politics Mr. Yadav??? I am teaching you, let me be the Coach!

There lies the discriminatory battle of the sexes and the discourse of gender politics. Insecurity is the main ingredient of violence of any form! Loosing the acquired ground which had once been the winning platform; the male clan point towards the victim as the sole culprit and the woman who are followers of patriarchy even support this (fear lurks their heart as they are afraid that if they rebel they would be outcast). As the role play of the males is questioned more and more, the fear arises that the independent woman must be taught a lesson. Most of the domestic rape happens because of the similar reason.

Simone De Beauvoir’s Second Sex carefully distinguishes between Sex and gender: and she sees an interaction between social and natural functions. “One is not born, but rather becomes a woman…it is civilization as a whole that produces this creature. Virginia Woolf  even contributes her part as she observes that gender identity is socially constructed and can be challenged and transformed. However gender as a determinant works thoroughly within the social nexus. Meenakshi Mukherjee in her essay “the Revenge of prakriti” lays bare the three facets of Prakriti- the Sanskrit word for Nature. Prakriti means the physical environment, the character of human and the female figure “Prakriti” as opposed to “Purusha” the male. Hence raping a woman is the rape of a female, physical environment, and the human race at once. Rape is against the natural laws. Nature is female indeed as by the dint of binary leaning Nature is opposed to Culture. Meenakshi Mukherjee even observes that Nature like female is easily available,  exploitable as it remains passive to male lust and desire. Female sexual harassment and sexual exploitation is thus the exploitation of the Mother Nature itself.


However as in Plato’s republic Chapter Viii ( Analogy of Cave man) Plato speaks of the enlightened man who tore the shackles and rose to the enlightened light hardly bogged down by the virtual reality; the enlightened woman speaks for herself and rises in revolt against patriarchal discourse and the fatal weapon:Rape! Ntahaneil Hawthrone observes ” The Woman Writes as if devil is within her and that is the only condition in which a woman writes anything worth reading”- indeed the devil is within; the devil that desires to witness a social change that no more pinpoints the woman as the second sex, rather an individual with her democratic rights, freedom to expression being the constitutional one and freedom to exist being a hopeful one!

By Adrita Dey Ghatak

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