Today, Tamils are being defeated every day,by another strategy of destroying Tamil by mixing of English. Is English the villain?

Tamil,often is referred to as ‘Kanni’(Virgin) Tamil,which roughly means ‘unmarried or a young girl never-touched by man’.Her charm is there always,as she is a ‘Kanni’ forever!Its like a charming flower,just blossomed but is the same for ever!The popular anthem‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu’(Anthem in praise of Tamil language) composed by Tamil Poet Kavimani extols the ever-virgin Tamil’’

tamil top Rape of ‘Kanni Tamil’(Virgin Tamil):Who Is The Real Villain,Hindi Or English?

“ -௨ன் சீரிளமைத் திறம்வியந்து

செயல் மறந்து வாழ்த்துதுமே!


(“Praise unto You, Goddess Tamil, whose majestic

youthfulness, inspires awe and ecstasy.”)

Tamil,Standing Tall !

Though among the spoken languages of the world Tamil stands tall as the oldest surviving spoken language ,the second best language ,is no where near Tamil in terms of richness of diction and  variety of literature .If you take any of the world’s classical or old languages ,there seems to be an undeniable connection between them and Tamil.Be it Greek,Hebrew,Korean,Sumerian,there is something always coming up ,while studying its connection with Tamil.Few of the research works on the unexplained connection of Tamil with Greek ,Latin,Korean,Hebrew are provided below for your reading.

introduction to language and tamil language Rape of ‘Kanni Tamil’(Virgin Tamil):Who Is The Real Villain,Hindi Or English?

The Enemy Within !

Such a Tamil that has survived for so many years despite, the tricky threats faced by it by cultural adversaries, is actually facing the ‘greatest’ of the threats, to its existence right now.And this time the threat is not from outside but from its own children i.e. the Tamil speakers themselves!May be this threat is also engineered by outsiders,but the actual tools are the innocent Tamils falling a prey into their traps.Yes,the trend of mixing  English words in Tamil, both spoken and written ,today has reached such alarming levels that it is difficult to find any Tamil, speaking one full sentence in Tamil,without mixing at least one English word in it.

English Vinglish Movie Tamil Version Posters Rape of ‘Kanni Tamil’(Virgin Tamil):Who Is The Real Villain,Hindi Or English?

The trend has caught up with everyone including even the innocent villagers who now use words like “freely,owner,rent,auto,car,hospital,nadu centre,pin oosi,color,sofa,ride,etc”. These words have almost been accepted as part of Tamil diction.Thanks to the popular magazines like Kumudam,Ananda vikatan,etc ,mostly edited by non-Tamils ,promoting this destructive trend.The visual media strongly supplements this promotion ,by conducting talk shows in semi-Tamil .Just tune into any TV program on cooking and find it going like this ’2 black pepper eduthu,athai konjam fry panni,water add panni,simmering suttule vaichi…’ Roughly 40 to 50% English is added shamelessly into Tamil.In Zee Tamil,one anchor Archana almost uses 75%English proudly,as she finds probably ,Tamils are so insensitive to it.Sadly,there seems to be no sensitivity to such a dilution of this great language among the Tamils of today.This is really a pitiable condition.

Who Benefits From This Trend?

The trend of mixing English in Tamil helps non-Tamils to penetrate into the Tamil movie market ,visual media market and allows them to steal the Tamil market easily .Presently I bet you won’t find a single dark faced character in Tamil  movies or for that matter even in serials .The entire advertisement market/media money of the Tamil Nadu is not available for Tamils now,thanks to the clever techniques adopted by non-Tamils like mixing of English into Tamil and creating a demand for it.Ultimately it’s the Tamils who needs to own up for the present pitiable condition of Tamil.Can anyone do this in Kerala or say in Andhra ?People there are sensitive to their linguistic purity . The Tamils were first defeated with a simple tool that has never been used in any war,yes,its the ‘fair complexion’ of the attackers!. Now, Tamils are being defeated every day,by another strategy of destroying Tamil by mixing of English.

While so much of debate is going on regarding Hindi imposition in Tamil Nadu,here is an invisible villain English, stealing the chastity of Tamil minute by minute,with the active internal support of Tamils themselves!So who is the real villain of Tamil,Hindi or English?


By Alvaro Hans

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