Pick any newspaper and one among the headlines is necessarily about the rape. Until when would the safety of girls be at stake?

It is an appalling, disgraceful and shameful news to read as your day starts. Bhilai rape victim commits suicide on 31st January and leaves behind a note that you and I as Indian, shall regret forever.

She says she wouldn’t be called a prostitute if she dies. Imagine any female in that place. When the Delhi incident happened, we shook our heads, created new anti-rape bills. What happened? A politician said call him ‘bhaiya’ another said it was the girl’s fault. I still remember the last words by Nirbhaya– “don’t kill them at a go. Burn them alive”. How scary is it for anybody to say that in hospital bed?

nirbhaya Lesson That Remains Unlearnt

When India’s Daughter was released, we banned it saying it was shameful. A rape story appears in the newspaper everyday and we keep pretending as though we don’t know. How many years of pretension is it going to be?

nirbhaya documentary film Lesson That Remains Unlearnt

As women, do we stand no rights to move freely? What guarantee does the government provide me with? I read people in power being culprits, the judicial system playing foul. What is it that I am supposed to do?

I don’t see anybody fearing the government, what so ever happens. Why is it that we are still struggling to achieve basic rights like safety and security? I don’t see how we as women of this country should celebrate Independence Day, if we have to roam with brothers/fathers all the time.

I am depressed on imagining what that girl must have felt to write the above given statement. Imagine how it would be for a victim to be called the culprit. How heinous a crime is it, she knows and yet keeps mum.

jaipur 1 year of nirbhaya Lesson That Remains Unlearnt

People light candles on the 1st anniversary of `Nirbhaya Gangrape` at Statue Circle in Jaipur on Dec.16, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Lighting candles, crying at home is all but just an excuse. Stop acting. The government better have stricter laws in place. And the media should pressurize the government to have one. As a citizen, I don’t want fake promises. I don’t want to know what plans have failed earlier, I want action- NOW. I WISH TO BE SAFE.

By Aishwarya Iyer

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