This is a story of J. R. D. Tata and his friend. A story based on typical behavorial trait of humans.Read it right away!

This is a story of J. R. D. Tata and his friend.

JRD Tata had a friend who used to say that he misplaces and loses his pen very often. He was worried about his carelessness. JRD suggested to him to buy the costliest pen he could afford and see what happens.

 Ratan Tatas This Inspirational Story On Human Traits Is Up Front

His friend agreed and did purchase a 22 carat gold Cross pen. Six months later when they met, JRD Tata asked if he continues to misplace his pen. His friend said that he was very careful now, about his costly pen and surprised how he has changed. JRD explained to him that the value of the pen made the difference and there was nothing wrong with him as a person.

Moral of the story

Humans don’t understand the value of something until it becomes a top priority or they lose it. In this case, the solution was simple which was to replace the pen. But certain things in life cannot be replaced or revoked no matter what. So before we lose something important, we need to act prudent and start valuing it. This can have a major impact on the decisions we make. Act wise. Cheers !

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