Buzz is that Ravi Bhatia will be replaced as Salim on popular TV show Jodha Akbar. Know the complete story and the latest developments on the sets of Jodha Akbar

Ravi Bhatia popularly known as the Salim of Jodha Akbar is quite popular among fans for playing an aggressive son of Jodha and Akbar. However, although the audience seems to be impressed by him and his chemistry with Heena Parmar, the Anarkali, the makers of Jodha Akbar serial wants to replace him.

salim anarkali Ravi Bhatia Latest: No More the Salim of Jodha Akbar?

Let’s check out everything related to this buzz which is surrounding Ravi Bhatia off late:

Auditions Are Going On In Search Of New Salim

The makers of Jodha Akbar are in search of a new Salim, and that is why there are auditions going on, to find an idle Salim who can carry on the show forward. According to some reliable source, soon there will be a leap in the serial where the makers will concentrate on Salim-Anarkali’s love story along with Jodha and Akbar.

jahangir salim jodha akbar crown prince Ravi Bhatia Latest: No More the Salim of Jodha Akbar?

Aly Goni and Shaleen Malhotra Were Approached for the Role

According to the source Shaleen Malhotra who is currently hosting the show Talaash was approached for playing the role of Salim. Apparently, he quoted a huge amount and so couldn’t be roped in to play the lead. Buzz is that Aly Goni who plays the role of Romi in Balaji’s yet another hit show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein was also considered for the role. However, when Aly was asked if he was approached for the role, he simply denied being called for any auditions.

aly goni jodha akbar Ravi Bhatia Latest: No More the Salim of Jodha Akbar?

But why Is Ravi Bhatia being Replaced?

The future plot of the serial will have huge expectations from the character Salim where the entire plot will be dependent on him. However, the makers of the serial are doubtful whether Ravi Bhatia can carry the role of Salim on his shoulder successfully.

Every time there is a shift in plot i.e. from Akbar-Jodha (Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma) to Salim-Anarkali (Ravi Bhatia and Heena Parma), there is a major drop in TRPs. This can be one of the reasons why Balaji Telefilms have decided to replace Salim in the coming episodes. But will changing Salim help when the fans are too determined to watch Jodha and Akbar only in the 20 minute slot of the show?

salim jodha akbar serial zee tv Ravi Bhatia Latest: No More the Salim of Jodha Akbar?

But the makers of Jodha Akbar somehow do not want to accept the reality. They, in fact seems to be not at all satisfied with Ravi Bhatia and so they have taken the decision to bring a new face to scale up the drowning TRPs. Will their decision backfire or turn out to be fruitful is something we shall see in future, but our question to the team is – Why not concentrate on changing the script rather than replacing a good actor?

Ravi Bhatia was approached to clear the air on this, however, he rubbish-ed the entire “thing” saying it is just a rumour. Ekta Kapoor, however didn’t respond – making us wonder whether it is really a rumour or will Ravi Bhatia really be moving out of Jodha Akbar soon.

What do you think – does this piece have any substance or is it just a rumour?

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