Razia Sultan of the Slave dynasty is neither India’s pride nor a extraordinary ruler. Know why

It’s been a week since Razia Sultan serial started on the newly launched &TV. The show has been portrayed as a story of an extraordinary ruler and the only women emperor of the Moslem rulers. While, there is no doubt that she is India’s first and only woman emperor, her glorification and extolment is highly indigestible.

razia sultan tv series andtv Razia Sultan of Delhi Sultanate : India’s Pride? Extraordinary Ruler?

Besides, When did the Tyrant Iltutmish Became so Benevolent?

In the serial the Sultan Iltutmish (Sooraj Thapar) is shown as a nice ruler – The ruler who is caring, and considers the plight of the people. Did you see how he convinces his daughter that he knows he is against humanity but has to follow the Sultanate rules? Nevertheless, while watching this ideal ruler, I forgot that I was watching the third sultan of the Slave dynasty, the successor of the Qutub-din-Aibak! (Pun Intended)

sooraj thappar iltutmish razia sultan serial and tv Razia Sultan of Delhi Sultanate : India’s Pride? Extraordinary Ruler?

Why the Serial is Sympathetic towards these Cruel Moslem Rulers?

Why the TV serial is showing Shams-ud-ddin Altamash in good light, when we know the fact that Iltutmish in his quest of making India into Dar-ul-Islam destroyed many ancient temples including the Mahakal? Aren’t we aware that the autocrat placed the cast molten brass image of Rai Vikramit on the ground in front of the mosque door, and ordered the people to walk over them before they entered? Don’t we know that the slave turned Sultan not only ruled according to the Shariat but also gave the Hindus, the son of the soil, the choice between Islam and death?

life under delhi sultanate  Razia Sultan of Delhi Sultanate : India’s Pride? Extraordinary Ruler?

Why Do You Think Iltutmish appointed his Daughter Razia as his successor?

We do have text appreciating Iltutmish as the sultan who favored his daughter than his son. However, the reason is not because he found Razia capable, but because he knew his son Ruknuddin Firuz from a concubine Shah Turkan was incapable and worthless. He knew his son was a jerk and would end up losing everything to somebody else. Appointing Razia as his successor was not Iltutmish’s badakpan but majburi. He knew history would repeat itself if he appointed Ruknuddin –  Just the way Qutub-din-Aibak’s incompetent son was replaced by him, his son too would be replaced by some other guy.

razia sultan father altamash Razia Sultan of Delhi Sultanate : India’s Pride? Extraordinary Ruler?

How Come Razia Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate became Extraordinary Ruler and India’s Pride?

Razia Sultan was a daughter of a Turk, and she continued the ways of the Turk. While, it is said that she did many changes, we do not have proof of any. Why are we labeling her as India’s pride? What good she did to India or its citizens back then? Did she make efforts to end the conversions from Hindus to Moslems? Did she stop the atrocities towards the Hindus? Did she end the slavery system? Or did she sacrifice her life for India, our motherland? No, she did nothing!

Ah, we do know about her racial tolerance towards that Abyssinian Slave Jamaluddin Yaqut. But, more than racial tolerance, I would say it was favoritism that Yaqut got promotions after promotions in Razia’s reign.  And favoritism is not a good sign of any ruler, forget being an extraordinary ruler.

jamaluddin yaqut razia sultan Razia Sultan of Delhi Sultanate : India’s Pride? Extraordinary Ruler?

I fail to understand why we are making Razia Sultan, a hero and an extraordinary ruler when she did nothing that can justify her being India’s pride. She was just another ruler in India’s worst phase – the Delhi Sultanate. Can you tell me at least one act of hers that make her extraordinary?

It is high time we stop celebrating the era of these invaders and their generations. Their only intention was to rule India and convert maximum of the Hindus into Moslems, just like the modern day jihadis. If this goes on, that day wouldn’t be far when Bollywood and TV Serials may showcase Babur and Muhammad Ghori as heroes. Period!

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