Razia Sultan Serial will soon go live on AndTV. Here are the certain facts about this hindi serial which you must know

After Zee Zindagi, we have yet another new channel from Zee Network – AndTV. The channel is all set to feature in Indian living rooms with India’s First female ruler – Razia Sultan. Yes, the Sultana of the Delhi Sultanate (Mamluk Dynasty) who ruled India for a period of 4 years.

razia sultan andtv serial Razia Sultan Serial on AndTV : Facts You Need to Know

Here are some facts which you need to know about the Razia Sultan serial

Shah Rukh Khan Has Lent His Voice for Razia Sultan Serial

Famous voice narrating historical stories is quite a trend these days. Starting from Jodha Akbar (where Om Puri narrated the disclaimer), the movement continued in Maharana Pratap serial (where Amitabh Bachchan narrated the story of Pratap in the opening episode). Now it is Shah Rukh Khan’s turn. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan has lent his voice for this historical saga on And TV. Get ready to hear the King Khan who is all set to introduce the dynamic woman ruler Razia Sultan tonight.

razia sultan serial shah rukh khan Razia Sultan Serial on AndTV : Facts You Need to Know

It Is Produced by Swastik Pictures

Razia Sultan is directed by Rahul Kumar Tewary and produced by Swastik Pictures. Yes, Swastik Pictures, the same production company who produced Mahabharat. Swastik Pictures was also the original producer of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat when the show was first scheduled for Star Plus. Later, it went to Contiloe Entertainment, for reasons best known to them. This shift however gave Swastik Pictures enough time to come up with their magnum opus – Razia Sultan serial on AndTV.

tv serial razia sultan launch and tv Razia Sultan Serial on AndTV : Facts You Need to Know

It Is a Finite Series Like Star Plus Mahabharat

The number of episodes is planned, and the serial will end in the right moment just like Star Plus Mahabharat. This makes sense as the audiences do not have to worry about the serial being stretched. Yes, you heard it right – the serial Razia Sultan will not drag like other historical series. No wonder, short is sweet and much better than long and stretched TV Series.

Razia Sultan is Written By Mihir Bhuta

Remember the 1996 TV Series Maharath? It was written by Mihir Bhuta. He was also a co-writer of yet another TV SERIES Mukti Bandhan (153 episodes in all) which was aired on Colors TV in 2011. Mihir won the Indian Television Academy Awards for Best Dialogues for Mukti Bandhan. Mihir is also a playwright who contributes greatly in both Hindi and Gujarati theatre. He has written dialogues for the famous play Hriday Triputi which is based on poet Kalapi’s life. He has also translated many plays of William Shakespeare. Mihir Bhuta is a key member of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)

mihir bhuta writer razia sultan serial Razia Sultan Serial on AndTV : Facts You Need to Know

The Show Begins with the Launch of AndTV

This historical drama of Razia Sultan will go live on AndTV on March 2nd 2015. The show will air from Monday to Friday from 7.30 pm. It stars some popular faces on TV such as Behzaad Khan, Sambhavana Seth, Rohit Purohit, Sooraj Thapar, Seema Kapoor and Pankhuri Awasthi.

razia sultan serial zee and tv Razia Sultan Serial on AndTV : Facts You Need to Know

Stay tuned for the complete list of Razia Sultan star cast.

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