Here are the ohs and ahs from girls after they realized Rajat Tokas is no more available

Rajat Tokas, quite well known as Jalal of Jodha Akbar recently announced that he got engaged. With the number of female fan following, it is quite obvious that beyond the “Aww Congratulations Rajat” and “Wow, that’s a great news!” there were those hidden expression of the girls which both Twitter and Facebook pages could not show. Here, I reveal some of those reactions when the news of Rajat’s engagement broke out.

Rajat Tokas 300x198 7 Reaction from Different Type of Girls after Rajat Tokas got Engaged

1. Reaction from Emotional Girls

Although they could hide their reaction while posting the congratulatory message on Twitter and Facebook, the girls however couldn’t hide it after meeting their best friend over a chat. And it went this way…

2. Reaction from the Grumpy Girls

Now, there were some girls who were not ready to believe Rajat is no more available no matter how many times the news was published in the newspaper, Retweeted on Twitter or even shared on various Facebook pages over and over again.

3. Reaction from Rajat Crazy Fans who eat, live and drink “R”

Some of the TV male actors have more fan following than some of the Bollywood actors. No, wonder even the Bollywood fraternity comes on their show to promote their upcoming movies. Rajat Tokas is one such popular actor. Besides, he is the one who is loved by almost all the females who follow TV very closely. Being hardly 22, many of the girls were even dreaming to somehow patao Rajat. It was really sad to see how speechless these girls became when they got to know about Rajat’s engagement.

4. Reaction from Filmy Aunties who looked Rajat as their son in law

Many of the mothers of young girls, who boast of having a good contact in the industry had thought of making Rajat their damaad from the day Mr. Tokas was seen as Robi aka Robindo Ganguly in yet another Balaji serial Tere Liye. They now knew that TV ka Prithviraj Chauhan ab vadda ho gaya hai. However, when these aunties heard about the engagement, their reaction was no less than what we often see in Hindi movies.

5. Reactions from Nerds who had their first crush on Rajat

Now Rajat being as young as 22, many of the teenage girls after looking at Rajat’s intelligent choice of roles in historical dramas – first Prithviraj Chauhan and now Jodha Akbar, had started loving him. However, the moment they got the news by their another nerdy friend, they straight away went in their rooms, closed the doors and started looking in the mirror asking their mirror image – “Mere mai kya kaami reh gayi thi!”

6. Reactions from Girls who thought they were cheated

Many of the girls thought they have a chance and so as time passed they started impressing him by various means – Twitter, Facebook, Zee TV channel and by even convincing the assistant director’s friend who actually happens to be her cousin aunty’s brother’s wife’s sister’s some cousin. However, when the news broke out they did not want the public to know their shattered dreams and so when their aunty’s brother and wife came to share the same news, all they had to say was…

7. Reactions from two friends who always fought for Rajat

“Rajat mera hai”, “Rajat mera hai” they always fought almost everywhere and even on their so called break up party with Rajat they couldn’t control themselves…

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Rajat Tokas FB profile

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