Let us also understand that the talk of reservation will be there as long as caste system lives and discrimination continues!’

The moment one feeble voice from the oppressed sections of India is heard demanding affirmative action in private sector,all the so called intelligentsia raise a hue and cry of pushing ‘merit’ to the back seat!They term affirmative action as ‘quota’ in a derisive term and hash tag the debate on it as“#QuotaOverMerit” or “#DeathOfMerit”revealing their heart against any kind of justice to the marginalized communities.Is it true that ‘reservations’  clash with ‘merit’?Does’reservation’ mean’death of  merit’ as it is made out to be? What exactly is ‘merit’?Let us take a close look.


‘Merit’ means…

The noun’merit’ means” the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward. Synonyms:excellence, goodness, standard, quality, level, grade, high quality, caliber, worth, good, credit, eminence, worthiness, value, virtue, distinction, account, deservednesscaste based bias The Real Merits Of Arnab’s ’ Merit ‘Talk, meritoriousness” However the word is used more with the meaning of ‘excellence’and’ worthiness’ in these discussions.

So according to to these loud Arnabs ,’excellence’ in the respective fields is suppressed if an affirmative action policy is implemented there.

Is this argument true? If this argument is true ,Indians should have been high performers in fields where reservation policy does not operate and the so-called ‘merit’ rules.There are many such free zones like film field,science,MNCs,sports,industries etc. ruled and controlled exclusively by ‘merit’ upper castes . Let us now assess upper caste India’s performance in such areas,to vet their claim of ‘merit’.

India Versus Other Countries!

Let us compare UC India’s ‘merit’ vis-à-vis other countries in Olympics.

reservation The Real Merits Of Arnab’s ’ Merit ‘Talk

“In spite of being the 2nd most populous country in the world, India is not able to produce quality players and our nation’s performance in Olympics is always poor. Don’t you think that winning medals in Olympics or in any other competition should be a national priority? Winning medals definitely add to the value and improves the image of India at global level.

India has been taking part in Olympics since 1990 but won just 22 medals. On the other hand the US has won 37 medals in just one Olympics and more than 2500 since 1990. What a huge difference! This win of India makes just 1 medal per 383 million Indians. India is at 55th place in the list of winning the medals. Even the countries like Kenya and North Korea perform better than India. China on the other hand is the most populous country in the world and still manages to win medals in Olympics because its population is well-educated, lives a high quality life, and effectively participate in games.

india The Real Merits Of Arnab’s ’ Merit ‘Talk

In 2012 Summer Olympics, 83 Indian players participated in the games and won six medals. Since beginning hockey had been the main game of India in Olympics, but with time its glory also started to fade. India won 11 medals in hockey between 1928 and 1980. After this Indian hockey team never won any medal. In 2008 Abhinav Bindra won the first ever individual gold medal at Summer Olympics in an air rifle event.

bindra glasgow The Real Merits Of Arnab’s ’ Merit ‘Talk

Though India has one of the finest Cricket and Hockey teams in the world but winning Olympics medals seems such a daunting task for our nation. To improve this we have to work towards the quality of life and develop more interest in sport”(Blog by Ramandeep Kaur)

Now where is the ‘merit’ of Indians here? You have no ‘reservation policy ‘operating here to blame any body for the debacle! All are ‘brainy Arnabs’ only.There is nothing preventing your ‘merit’ to fully show up without any barriers!Then why such poor show?

The real reason for poor show is that upper castes prevent the real potential performers from entering the arena.Lower castes are the real sportsmen and the men with the muscle but they are denied  opportunities to participate.If you want a participant for swimming contest,select from ‘fisher men community’ who are born in waters,live in waters and die in waters!What’s the point of selecting a frail UC vegan for the swimming contest just because he is influential and related to so and so?Why can’t you take the martial castes for boxing contests?This is the kind of injustice done to the deserving castes .Then whats the‘merit’ you are shouting about!The Caste System in fact,effectively prevents low castes into areas where big money  floats!

What about Nobel Prizes?

Coming to Nobel prizes,1200 million Indians winning just 5 Nobel Prizes to their credit! Compare this with the 12 won by tiny Israel of 8 million people and 24 by little Japan with a population of just 127 million!Where is UC India’s so called ‘merit’?

India Nobel Prize Winners  48417 zoom The Real Merits Of Arnab’s ’ Merit ‘Talk

Take Oscars the prestigious awards for ‘merit’ in Cinema.India has won just 8 Awards so far .This is not even equal to the awards won by a single American film ‘Titanic’ bagging 11 Academy Awards with a single shot!Where is your ‘merit’ India?

Information Tech Performance!

We brag a lot about India’s IT exports and all.What is the real position of India in world rankings?“India has been ranked a low 131 out of 167 nations on a global index that measures the level of information and communication technology access, even as the number of households with Internet and computer has increased in the country over the last five years.”( http://indianexpress.com) Let us also know that none of the Indian IT companies figure in Top 10 IT firms in the world.We are no where in country rankings also.

Here are the top 10 Tech Countries in the world.

Rank      Country Name    Capital                 Technology Index

1             USA                    Washington, D.C.   88.54

2             Japan                  Tokyo                    79.38

3             Germany             Berlin                      78.63

4             South Korea       Seoul                        76.91

5             Finland               Helsinki                     76.64

6             Russia                Moscow                 76.29

7             China                   Beijing                  75.42

8             UK                       London                73.86

9             France                   Paris                    73.61

10           Canada                Ottawa               73.59

India with its upper caste merit is not found any where here!Even little Finland and small South Korea are figuring !

Other Areas Of Excellence

Let us take other areas of performance.We don’t figure any where near even 100 in Industrial production,Human Development Index or any thing significant ,in international rankings. Now coming to discoveries and inventions that revolutionized the world,no significant Indian contribution except the much touted ‘zero’. From the little safety pin to giant tunnel trains,all were all invented by the‘meritorious’ foreigners only!Why  are we not able to invent any thing worth while?Because Indian caste system does not allow non-Brahmins to think or ‘invent’  at all! Without encouraging support and a conducive environment,none can invent anything!

aryabhatta discovered zero The Real Merits Of Arnab’s ’ Merit ‘Talk

The Internal Score Card

India was ruled by the upper caste ‘merit’ people for the last 3000 years or so till the British entered in 1600s.Now let us rate the ‘merit’ of our upper caste’s rule in India.

  • ‘India’ is the only country which did not have a name of its own.Its the foreigners who gave India its name.
  • India has not produced any thing worthwhile during the ‘merit’ rule
  • India’s political system was given to us by foreigners only
  • India’s railways,education,law,infrastructure..nothing has Indian contribution in it.
  • No secular structures were built by the ‘merit’ people ,so far.
  • ‘Merit’India has promoted the cursed ‘untouchabilty’ with glee.

untouchable The Real Merits Of Arnab’s ’ Merit ‘Talk

So please stop crying ‘merit,merit’ whenever Government proposes any compensatory ‘affirmative action policy’ for the deserving lower castes!Upper castes can compete with foreigners in all free areas as they are’ highly meritorious’ as they claim.Let  poor classes alone !Let them have reservation in private sector in peace just to make a living and not for buying a BMW car !Let us also understand that the talk of reservation will be there as long as caste system lives and discrimination continues!’Merit’ has no place at all, in the discriminatory Caste System’.Let the Arnabs understand this simple fact.



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