Intolerance is existent but its dwelling of existence has to be perceived. For, intolerance has become a word to amass publicity.

 For understanding intolerance you have to see & understand tolerance. Might is right. This is Darwins theory of survival.

intolerance1 Real Understanding Of Intolerance

Did Majority community of Muslims in Kashmir show tolerance towards minority community, the Kashmiri Pandits. Do politicians of any /all parties show tolerance towards common man and their subordinates in their offices / departments ? Do haves show tolerance towards have-not`s.

kashmiri pandits Real Understanding Of Intolerance

The word Intolerance in today’s discussion is tussle between Congress and BJP for vote politics. The top politicians make fool of their followers and they are in better understanding with their rival politicians. The political scene during past couple of years is vivid example for fresh memory.

bjp congress namo mamo Real Understanding Of Intolerance

Mulayam Singh has no tolerance for the forth right bureaucrats; Congress has no tolerance to be an opposition in parliament. Modi has no tolerance for the institution of marriage. These are visible examples. So present arguments on intolerance are irrelevant.

tolerance intolerance1 Real Understanding Of Intolerance

By Kashmiri

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