Readers Voice – Really? You want to change the country when yourself don't accept change?

Really? You want to change the country when yourself don’t accept change?

‘Protest’ has lost its grandeur of erupting when oppressed. Now, kal holiday nahi hai..? Chal protest kare! During college, i remember,we protested when we didn’t get (as we put) ‘sufficient’ study holidays. Instead of optimizing our study patterns to utilise the time given, we protested.. No we are not gonna change the way we study but you change your rules for us! They did change later! I read an article today in The Hindu, the so called IAS Aspirants protesting for change of rules set in during the recent reforms of UPSC Exams. Foremost, reforms are the result of evolution of the institution over the years that it has functioned. Reforms are not outright rules that comes within a spank of mind. Reforms are done keeping the future needs and current requirements in balance. UPSC understands it isn’t just the knowledge over various subjects that is important but ability to apply it and manifest the ability to provide a pretty good governance & service. And when one cannot have progressive thinking and doesn’t investigate the changes happening to try to adapt to it, can be a good administrator or whatever they claim to be in the areas of civil service? That triggers a question, we are developing as a country but are we as intellectual minds? As radical and rational minds of a largest democracy? At least the one aspiring to be a bureaucrat needs to rethink what he has thought to accommodate the future of this country because he is the end operator of every reforms, rules, policies, acts and regulations. We are protesting the change, which is inevitable if not today. For what? Because we don’t understand the terms under which world functions now, as said everyday is a challenge coz we live in Glocalized world.

By Abhishek Gurunath

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