Know why reformation in democracy is a must to bring change in system and laws. Read the reforms and changes as well as new definition of democracy

There was an old adage “might is right”, but now after many changes in law and system, people are more mentally, physically and financially harassed by different problems in democracy.

tricolor indian democracy Refomation in Democracy System


(1) Nature of problem  – Today we are disturbed by management and law. No one ready to listens the word or solve the people’s problems. We live in democracy system but what is democracy we can not understand it.

(2)Previous work – From ancient age to till now many intellectuals and writers describe the definitions of democracy and make laws but the problem is same as previous & worst. The most popular definition was as given by Honorable Abraham Link an. That Democracy is Government of the people by the people for the people . But it is related to the people not other things included. Now it is necessary to change the definitions of democracy because now it is not related to people we have to look the whole world .We made protection act for wild animals, Birds, aquatic creatures, Air pollutions Act, water pollutions Act, river pollution Act, land pollutions Act and others Act also. So we must change the definition of democracy.

(3)Purpose – To bring change in the democracy system and laws for the betterment of the universe.

New Definition of Democracy

 Democracy is the management of the human society for the welfare of the universe.

But we see in every part of the world people role is only to votes they have no involvement in Govt’s decision after election there is no importance of the people. Representatives does not respect people neither visit people, nor respond to their letters or applications. Why? They need only our Votes and visit at the time of elections .Why? Because we have not made any law and responsibility for our representatives, In written. I want to demand from Govt, Election commission, intellectuals, organizations, all political parties and citizen to think on this matter and make rules for representatives that they must visit voters in their respective areas to gather opinion and suggestions, once a year with their signature. Includes

Delhi polls democracy india Refomation in Democracy System

(1) Citizen Visiting Register

Voters ID No, Date, Name, D. Suggestions, Remarks, Signature.

(2) Similar type of rules & citizen visitor register should be kept for Block officers and block level others departments.

(3)In every office, one waiting room and receptionist must be there to entertain people. (Citizen)

(4) In every department people would give advance tour program and before salary they summit monthly report after that they get salary. Why not for representative who take salary.

(5) Every representative should have notice board in his residence and office indicating visiting hours and tour program etc. No right of vote in some place of salary holders because, they are servant of the people.

Reformation in Judiciary System

Till now we have not prepared perfect law for citizen’s security, wealth security and knowledge security. There are too many laws. Citizen’s fighting’s against citizens. Service holders fight’s against service holders. 80% people involve in court case. So believe on justice by the management is finishing so instead of development and other thinking, peoples takes arms against the management. Management becomes an administrator.

judicial reforms democracy in india Refomation in Democracy System

(1) In case of murder /killing police take the dead body in their custody, writ of arbitration and sent for postmortem and a court case filed. But after some time it automatically close down due to the lack of abidance and proof. Consequently dead person (citizen) never gets justice .while culprit’s enjoy freedom. In this situation to which one should blame, for this shame full act of negligence and in responsibilities why?

(2) Misuse of section. 333 I.P.C is quit common. If a person or representative of persons firmly tries to put his /her grievances or demand in any govrenment office, even in lawful manner he/she may be charged and punished under above section for interfering or hindering government work. .How it could be justified in Democracy.

(3)Many court cases related to land dispute are pending all over the world. And day by day’s it is increasing rapidly one of the main cause is illegal transfer of land & possession by unauthorized persons which is mostly done by the land mafias having political influence and supports. For mutations and transfer of position of the land most of the cases are proceed without proper inquiries by the concern officer .It is due to negligence & carelessness or under other influence like political ,money and muscle power .Ultimately innocent and genuine people suffer law. If they go to the court to protect their right the suit will be pending for year to years. Again they will be discourage seeing much delay judgment physically and mental harassment & loss of huge amount of money.

(4) In many countries freedom for religion is restricted. It is against the humanity. Some countries want to make their country a single religion country.

It is against the universal law. We must make same kind of human protection act for all universes.

Conclusion: – If we can do some work in above matter then we are able to solve many problems from the world to bring actual democracy and equality And control the violence .

By: Pramod Stephen

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