May Jaya be the wife of Big-B but Rekha was and is way smarter than Jaya

It was about 34 years back that Yash Chopra scored a casting coup by bringing Amitabh Bachchan , Jaya and Rekha together to bring a sizzling ‘Silsila’ on screen.

silsila Why Do Rekhas Score Over Jayas, Always?

I would not have remembered this had not Amitabh Bachchan put in some pictures of ‘Silsila’ on his facebook page.  A poster on this page has a slogan ‘Love is Faith and Faith is forever’. ‘Silsila’ was released at a time when the alleged affair between Amitabh and Rekha was a hot topic being discussed everywhere.

However, despite its theme and, lush photography (yeh kahan aa gaye hum) and popular songs (Rang Barse) the film had flopped at the box-office. Yash Chopra’s wife Pamela has confessed that such films did not succeed in India where the institution of marriage was very sacred. But that was in 1981. I wonder what they have to say about it now when live in relationships have received legal sanction.

But I just got thinking why in all such extra-marital or to put it more lovingly, love-triangles, the third option is almost always the most attractive. In this particular case I have always felt that Rekha was any day smarter and beautiful than Jaya.

jaya amitabh rekha1 Why Do Rekhas Score Over Jayas, Always?


Some people who were born before me say that Rekha’s personality changed a lot after she came in contact with Amitabh. Maybe may be not. I maybe dubbed a die-hard Rekha fan but I have watched her earlier films also and I feel that she always was more attractive than Jaya. What brings up the question that why did Amitabh marry Jaya in the first place? That is for him to ponder.

But I am digressing. My basic point is that the third option in a love-triangle (I will call it Rekha) by its very nomenclature is more attractive otherwise she would not be an option. This does not necessarily mean that she is always trying to seduce the man but some flirtation is part of her profile.

The story of ‘Silsila’ shows Rekha as the first love in Amitabh’s life. He has to marry Jaya because she becomes a widow of his brother Shashi Kapoor and when he meets Rekha again, the old sparks start to fly.

silsila love triangle Why Do Rekhas Score Over Jayas, Always?

But usually the Rekhas come in the life of Amitabh when he starts getting bored or tired or fed up of his marriage. They strike a goal immediately because they are fresher, younger and charming comparatively.

amitabh greets rekha Why Do Rekhas Score Over Jayas, Always?

Then, the Rekhas are more bindaas because normally they have not gone through the ritual of marriage and they are not bound by rules and regulations. Of course there are exceptions as well when married Rekhas fed up of their own marriage are on the look-out for an option. And then they put on their best to win at any cost.

What happens to the Rekhas when they turn into Jayas (ie they get married) is a matter for psychiatrists to analyse and do their researches on. My point which I began this article with is that Rekhas have always been and will always be more attractive than the Jayas!

But whatever the strategy, the motive or the situation the fact remains that Rekhas are historically, more attractive and brighter than the Jayas.

By  Amitabh Srivastava

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