Relations: A Very beautiful wAord, with in-depth meaning, reason to live & reason to cry, still very complicated.

Relations: A Very beautiful word, with in-depth meaning, reason to live & reason to cry, still very complicated.

RELATIONSHIP AFTER DIVORCE Relations And Relationships

It’s all how we take it, but depends on circumstances, human nature and their mental growth.

(- ve): Some relations are based on materialistic things but not all, in today’s world; our own choice/liking/thinking is always on upper hand which set the level and intensity of the relations. We do make our relations for money/status/contacts; generally it has become trend now. Money decides value of a person, strange isn’t? Bundle of papers make man and also devalued him. Money breaks blood relations and also bring together strangers. Yes now a day’s money play important role to set the levels of relations.

(+ve) All the relations are not materialistic, even today there are some relations which has no name but more precious than any other thing. Inner satisfactions, peace of mind are the words which bring together two souls and set new human relations, our conscious indeed require this but we don’t follow it.

It has been nicely describe by this Hindi song KITNE AJEEB RISHTE HEIN YAHAN PE

(-ve) We do love the person who matches our ideology, it’s our set parameters, make the ladders of love, and if doesn’t match the standard we don’t consider it either, do we love some one? Or we love ourselves, as we want to see reflection of ours within that individual. Even love has become biased, but this is not applicable to everyone, today there must be some “Laila and Majnu” exists in this world, difference is only that they have not become legend as they are still living, and we praise dead once and criticize living individuals.

(+ve) This world has not been empty from people who love unconditional, care and help others without any return. There is always negative and positive factor runs parallel to each other but negativity spreads at faster speed than positively, this system is just to check our will power. This makes us humane.

parents day ideas surprise grandparents Relations And Relationships

Our parents; who loves us unconditional but not all the time, when we grew up they do expect return of what they had given us, is it right??? But this is part of human nature we cannot be neutral all the time. West is opposite from us, no give and take system.

Friends, our maximum time of life revolve around them, times comes when even this relations get saturated due to changes in life’s pattern, addition of new relations push back to elderly.

Have we ever thought why we like/love someone? What make us to love him/her? Why we hate someone? Why hatred is more powerful than love? Why our ego is so high? Why we can’t forgive any one?

Life cycle goes on, faces changes, names changes, remain the same stories and same emotions, it is very easy to accept the privilege with open heart likes; money, power, fame, pride, relation/s, but difficult to withdraw from them. At times criticality of relations does take away the reason to live. We understand depth of words only when we actually face such situations.

Apart from this comparison; Relations are still beautiful and no life can imagine without it so don’t confuse just live up with “Relations & make the strong relationships”.

By: Rajkumari Nagpal

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