Different people have different tale to tell when it comes to Draupadi and her relation with Krishna. What was the association that bonded them so well?

In the new Mahabharat we see Draupadi constantly asking Krishna for help. Although, she questions everybody, she keenly listens to Krishna and even trusts him unconditionally. This makes me wonder – “What was the relationship between Draupadi and Krishna?”

Draupadi Mahabharat Star Plus What was the Relationship between Draupadi and Krishna?

While many of the writers in their books have said that they both had feelings for each other, the truth is, each considered the other “sakha” and “sakhi”. So, the love they had was nothing more than the love for friends. Actually it was more like a devotee and God relationship since Draupadi was truly devoted to Krishna.

Once, when Krishna had hurt his finger while beheading Shishupal, Draupadi was seen immediately rushing towards him. She at once tore off her sari and bandaged Krishna’s finger. Krishna for this loving act had vowed to help Draupadi. For every thread which she had used to cover his wound, Lord Krishna promised to repay the cost of each thread.

He had promised to help Draupadi by saying, “whenever you need me I’ll always be there.”  Many of the people believe, the concept of Raksha Bandhan came from Draupadi and Krishna.

Krishna not only helped Draupadi in her cheer haran but also at the time when Durvasa rishi had come at the Pandavas place during their exile. Although, Draupadi’s five husbaNd may or may not have helped her, Krishna was always with her, helping her to overcome almost all the difficulties…

By: Deepti Verma

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