For men, women are more like a project (desire), learn it (know her), get familiar (leisure time), get into (feel her) and then move to another project.

 It’s all about dynamic relationship a ‘Man & Woman’ share with each other. Man & Woman connect with each other by a cord of ‘Marriage’, a beautiful relation which ideally should be based on love and lead to process of ‘Give back to nature’ by creating new lives. That’s why I am writing this and you are reading this. The process of life can’t be complete without knowing the basic difference of ‘Man & Woman’ and their ideology of life. This in turn should strengthen by giving equal value to each other. Have we ever thought nature’s reason behind this union of two individuals who known to be from an opposite planet. We all knew the famous book name Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Are we going in alignment with nature?

bitt2 I am your ‘BeTTeR half’ OR ‘BiTTeR half’

Man is an integral part of woman’s life & vice versa. When we talk about a woman, we can’t detach man from her, she holds man within her “WO-MAN”. Her identities are incomplete without man; first is father’s name required then husband’s name needed in all official documents. After marriage her surname changed. In Some cultures like ‘Sindhies’, her birth name also does change after marriage add on to the surname. It is required to do to match Graha- system before to start new life. Ask a woman who is in the middle of this process of identity transferring. Does she really feel like connecting with the new surname? After 20 years or so suddenly she has to adjust with writing the correction in a form of initial identity. Suddenly from Miss to Mrs., suddenly permanent residence address get changed. All this to start a new phase of life. She moves from ‘blood relation’ to ‘in-law relations’ and learn to adjust in a new home. All this she has to do for one man. Why have we made these system & rituals only for the woman? Let’s dig it more to understand how she goes through a process of ‘Emotions’ before the start of any relationship chapter.


Man; run after “Beauty”, for them women are more like project (desire), learn it (know her), get familiar (leisure time), get into (feel her) and then move to another project.

bett1 I am your ‘BeTTeR half’ OR ‘BiTTeR half’

Woman; need ample/own time to rely on any man with whom she come across, to develop the trust level, to have feelings which lead into relationship, it is a bit slow process in women, but at the same it is very opposite in men. They attract very easily or fast, they rush to know her, to make relationship with her, without understanding her need of the relationship. When they don’t get desired response as per their expectations, they lose charm in her and move towards another way. On the contrast; it is the time when woman overpasses the period of the trust. When she start relying on him, trusting him, by the time he is already mentally away and the story ends before it starts. (Major reason why two people couldn’t connect with each other- unsaid stories)

btr1 I am your ‘BeTTeR half’ OR ‘BiTTeR half’Ego is one of the major relationship killing factor between them. I couldn’t understand why men are designed/born with high ego level, and they live with it all the time. Ego for what, being a man, but they have to belong either gender as a universal law. But if ego is a byproduct of testosterone then I can buy the reason of its existence, but who should be responsible for its balance.  Well now Ego- war has changed its pattern in urban areas, the power of money has rotated ego game towards women to a certain degree & now they are enjoying power & Ego game.

Social norm

bitr I am your ‘BeTTeR half’ OR ‘BiTTeR half’Marriage – way of life, we often use term ‘Better half’ for our partner, whether in this relationship he become ‘Better half or bitter half’ it varies from story to story this reciprocates equally in both genders. At times, a woman turned as more devilish. They indirectly take revenge of all sacrifices she has to do to be with her man.

Even in today’s modern world no equal, supportive & constructive roles allotted to both of them especially in the east, which has turned as a major reason to kill a relationship.

bitter btr1 I am your ‘BeTTeR half’ OR ‘BiTTeR half’

Why Indian woman has to call her hubby “Aap” and he comfortably address her “Tum or Tu”. In some communities, they are not allow to call their hubby with his name publically e.g. Sindhi culture. Why Indian woman has to do the double role of ‘Home and work’ if she chooses professional career for herself or if she has to opt to support her home/hubby & man still has one duty. Why only she is accountable to take care of the physiological need of children but not man. Is she only responsible for their birth? Why man can get rid of relationship by saying ‘Talaak’ in one shot and she has to file a case & justify her reasons for separation. (It happens in Muslims)

Why if man drink or smoke its counts in his ‘Lifestyle’ & if woman does; eyebrow raise on her ‘Character’. Why if man talks openly it is his ‘Personality’ and if she does she is ‘Chaalu girl’ or ‘giving line’. Why man can use abusing language as his birthright & if she does; she is ‘Ready material’.

btrrrr I am your ‘BeTTeR half’ OR ‘BiTTeR half’Why this world is “Men oriented” it’s not designed only for men. Why all the desires and commands are in men’s hand. We celebrate one women’s day, rest all 364 days must be belonging to men as there is no men’s day. In Hindu famous there is proverb is ‘Pati is Parmeshwar’ & in Muslim it is known as ‘Shohar/Pati is Majazi Khuda‘. Why this discrimination? How come he got this position? Let’s understand more; how examples have sets in spirituality to follow balance of Man & Woman.


Three supreme powers, BRAHMA DEV, VISHNU DEV and LORD SHIVA, who are responsible for this world’s management for three different profiles. Their better half have an equal supportive role in their management duties, and we all worship them.

BRAHMA DEV, known for – to write our fate, MA SARASWATI, blessed us with the power of knowledge (Co-line job)

VISHNU DEV, responsible for our nurture, MA LAXMI, blessed us with power of money (dependable profile)

LORD SHIVA, responsible for to put an end, MA PARWATI, play or develop roles to make this happened. (Lead each other)

bitr betr I am your ‘BeTTeR half’ OR ‘BiTTeR half’

The woman is “SHIV KI SHAKTI”, why she is so suppressive & helpless today? Aren’t we spoiling nature’s balance by creating the double standard of living yet we call today’s world as ‘Woman empowerment edge’?

By Rajkumari Nagpal

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