Why is it that a woman is raped every minute? Why is it that women aren’t allowed to be proud of their body and wear anything they wish like?

Yes! So we all know that every society has some limits and boundaries, but they aren’t always meant to be be forced or imposed  upon females only. What good  is of a country’s development when the people of the country are not only happy?

limits Release The Fear Within Females

Why don’t we see any program that talks about Gross Happiness Index? Why doesn’t the head of our country concentrate on looking at the misuse of men being gifted with a power to destroy every woman and work on taking out the voices from within women rather building up relations with other countries?

For a head , his first priority is his people. Why is it that a woman is raped every minute? Why is it that women aren’t allowed to be proud of their body and wear anything they wish like? Why is a girl judged on her clothes and not allowed to walk on the road with whatever she wears? Why is that the power is not given to woman to scratch a man’s face and take out the balls of his eyes when he rapes her half by looking at her with all sorts of desperation? Why is it that a woman in burkha raped and a woman in short dresses raped too?

hijab niqab burka Release The Fear Within Females

Apart from the views we know that girls with short dresses are raped as they wear this short dress to attract men and show up their body! Then here is a question, then why is a small girl child who has just entered into this world completing all her journey from a womb raped? Nobody in this earth would agree that even new born kids attract and wear short dress to show up.Why is it that women always are asked to compromise and adjust with the pathetic mind set of men? Why do girls never ever rape a man?

rape Release The Fear Within Females

Why do girls or women don’t touch guys or men in an unwanted place in between the streets? Why do girls not harass girls? Why can’t men change their mindset and not use their reproductive organ to rule women? Just because they have got that 16 cm long weapon. Why is a girl not safe to walk? Why are the parents of a girl child tensed throughout? Why there are no strict laws for the men who rape women by their devilish stares? We will not be quite! Why are the girls asked to be in their homes and why men are not allowed to behave properly?

rape protest bbc documemtary nirbhaya insulted Release The Fear Within Females

According to the estimates, the women are more desperate than men! India is a place where sex is something very ridiculous if not with husband, then what rape is? Rape is when a man can release all his satisfaction on a women forcefully. No! Its just a name. Its sex without any consent of the girl! I need a reply to my view. India is not going to be developed as for a country to run money and technology is not the only thing to be improved. It’s the happiness of the countrymen which should be taken into account too. (mind it it means women as well). Things have to be looked upon and changed.

By Charu Sharma at indiaopines blog

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