Religion was meant to inculcate humility, respect and sympathy and not the bulwark of bullying behavior and barbarism.

Those who follow my write-ups have often disagreed with me on several issues but they have never blamed me for pessimism. I’d always tried to search the silver line with every dark cloud. Today I have to make an honest confession. I know my friends and readers may not be cynics but I’m feeling to be one of this breed today.

peshawar attacks Religion   A Hindrance? Or An Instrument For Peace?

The brutal massacre of innocent school boys in Pakistan has left me groping the dark. For hours I’s blind of thoughts. It is a darkness that is spread in the name of religion. I’m not a religious scholar to defend the tenets of my religion and for that matter the goodies of any other; I’m not even a very stormy petrel of RELIGION. I believe that religions should make it easier to be honest, human and broadminded in life.

The religious rituals should  not be a problem as long as they don’t turn up as road-blocks in the forward march of humanity. Unfortunately, despite all the taller claims and arguments in favor of religion, the facts on ground speak a different reality. I’m not ready to follow the escape route that all is fine with the RELIGIONS and everything untoward happening upon this planet in the name of religion is because the followers are bad. No Sir ! I’m not ready to buy this theory anymore. I can’t go against the natural theory of CAUSES and EFFECTS. We have to do the introspection, we have to read and analyze the history of religions and mankind, and we have to explore the dark spots. Denying the realities won’t help.

When a Christian Father was advocating the burning of Holy Book, when an Indian Swami tweets that those who killed were Pakistani Muslims, those who were killed were Pakistani Muslims but it is the Indian Media that is CRYING, when a Head of Pakistani Jamaat Islami claimed the Talebani Killers were SHAHEED (martys), I get the feeling that something putrid has fallen in the cauldron of RELIGION.

Instead of taking inspiration to love mankind, what we are extrapolating from religious teachings is hate, Hate and HATE. We don’t hear strong voices of protest. There is no genuine condemnation from any concerned quarters against the EXTREMISM of any kind. Only the useless ‘Ohs’ and ‘Aahs,’  No signs or hope for concerted efforts to fight against the tyrants against HUMANITY. You would hear only a few weak and meek sleepy noises for a week or two and then life as usual.

religion peace Religion   A Hindrance? Or An Instrument For Peace?

In my future discussions I’ve decided to give up the attempt to convince that religious people are capable of basic goodness. I feel that Religion of their imagination makes them blind; the truth and justice is the first casualty of this trot which is followed with the gallop of cowardice. I’m beginning to think that I’m on the losing my side of the argument because every time I go online, I’d spot  an article that makes me lose faith in humanity a bit.

People are becoming more and more detached, cynical and unconcerned about the pathos of those who follow the different belief. The shedding of Human blood is less important a subject than whipping the smart-phones and flouting of vanity. We snap out pictures of victims instead of helping them. The times of religion are more vociferous and everyone talks of religion but I’m not exactly sure if the religion is pushing them into an abyss where they will grow out of their apathy and narcissism.

I’m actually scared to think what kind of people they will become. These days, I don’t even care to read the comments on any of my articles anymore because often they’re so appalling and wide of the mark.

People seem to revel in others’ misery so much and they don’t exactly hesitate to pile on the hate.  There is always a galore of excuses that would somehow “justify” everything. As a rule, I don’t participate in debates because I can’t debate very well. However, I’ve always felt a strong pull to reason with them. I want to tell them that excess of everything is bad; I want them to see how religion is becoming the real reason of an attitude that is harmful, brutal and narcissistic.

Religion was meant to inculcate humility, respect and sympathy and not the bulwark of bullying behavior and barbarism. Religion was the beacon to enlighten, unite and care for others and themselves.  I don’t want to follow any religion of hate because I find the so-called religious fanatics turned scholars repugnant and I don’t want to acknowledge their presence.  I’m beginning to wonder if our ancestors were leaving behind a legacy of ‘LOVE’ or something opposite for the younger generations to run and ruin their life and their country.

Religion is Universal and shouldn’t be a cult of some sort that people are always quick to defend, to glorify and die for. Religion is to live an easy and simple life and not to live against someone all the times. I want that we should revisit the theory of religion. We should admit that with times many situations change, and with the change of situations our flex and re-fluxes must change. I can’t argue with the so-called religious scholars as their minds run in the groove. Old habits die hard. But I can talk with the bright minds of today who are not poisoned with religious hatred.

Let us stop the talk about the society’s “moral decay.” Morals are subjective anyway.Let us go for a dawn where we can see each other in brighter light.

By: Naim Naqvi

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