It’s the voice of every Muslim who begs to be understood and not misunderstood as criminals. It’s about one’s vices and not religion that shapes up a devil.

I wonder how do people forget that they’ll have to face God someday and be answerable for their actions! What would bring them to the point where they just go about killing and hurting people without a second thought? How could they be brainwashed or persuaded to such an extent that they believe it’s “OKAY” to take away someone’s life just like that,without even thinking of how many lives would be destroyed along with that one! More than all this, I wonder what we, the rest of the world are doing? Why are we blaming each other? And why are some of us apologizing for something that we are not at all responsible for? I am a Muslim and I am definitely not a terrorist! But do I really need to prove this to the whole world?
no morals Im A Muslim And Im Not A Terrorist

Will a hashtag on Twitter or Facebook suffice as the proof of my goodwill, sincerity and concern for my fellow human beings? It is not the war of religions we are amidst today,it’s simply the good and bad, the right and wrong. The world is divided into two sides right now, the good and the bad. No religion is good or bad. Every religion has good people. And there are some bad people in every religion. It’s not the principles of a particular religion but it’s the perception of these by some people that makes them good or bad. I am a Muslim student. I’ve been to a Christian school, a Hindu college and a Muslim college. I feel proud to say that not once did I need to prove my sincerity to my teachers or friends.

hindus muslims. Im A Muslim And Im Not A Terrorist


I didn’t know much about Islam until I came to college but when I started learning, I came to know about so many little things that held so much importance in my religion. I learnt how I am supposed to greet others with a smile, to vacate my seat for my elders, to be respectful towards elders and gentle towards the younger ones, to help a blind person cross the street, to knock on a door before I enter, to be kind towards animals, to be compassionate towards the ones less fortunate than me, to be grateful for all the little things I was blessed with, to be always truthful and to never lie, to never hurt others with my words or actions and many such things that simply make us a good person. But mainly what I learnt is that all these things were already taught to me at my Christian school by my Hindu teacher and this is what Islam teaches me too!

Not Kill in Name of Religion Im A Muslim And Im Not A Terrorist


What am trying to say here is that the basic principles of each and every religion in the world is the same, and their aim is just to be good to each other and maintain peace in the world. But there are some ill-hearted people who take up some aspects of some religions and present it to others in a wrong way in order to provoke ill feelings towards each other. These are the people we need to fight against. These terrorists do not belong to any religion even though they may claim to.

religion india Im A Muslim And Im Not A Terrorist

I’ve been friends with people of different religions and castes and am very sure that no religion in the world would ask its followers to go around killing innocents. And the verses these people may use from our Holy books are taken from a completely different context than what is portrayed to us. We need to stop blaming each other or each other’s beliefs. By doing this we are simply giving these terrorists the satisfaction of doing what they want us to do. They are dividing the good lot of our society based on religions. We shouldn’t fall prey to this. We need to stick to the good side of the world and fight them as one. And please stop blaming Muslims for all the terror attacks in the world.

It’s neither us nor our religion that calls for it, it’s simply some cruel people doing evil things in the name of our religion. And if u still keep blaming Islam then what about the cases where Muslims were the targets? The Gujarat riots? The muzzafarnagar riots? Palestine, Burma, Iraq, Syria? I am not blaming anybody for what has happened or is still happening in these places nor am I calling for any kind of debate here. There are oppressors in every religion and so are oppressed!

paris Im A Muslim And Im Not A Terrorist


I do feel sorry for the innocent lives lost in Paris and I feel sorry for all the lives being lost everyday in many other countries. I may not be brave enough to pick up a gun and join the army, but I am brave enough to keep believing in the good side of the world, to believe that no matter how much the terrorists try to break us, bring us down and rip apart our hearts, the truth will prevail, humanity will not be lost in the pools of blood they shed and that we will stand together against them as one and some day they will have to end their game!

Satyamev Jayate! The truth alone triumphs and the Good shall win over the Evil. If not in this world then surely in the hereafter the evil ones will be punished for all their wrongdoings! For now I just pray that every soul in every corner of the world feels safe, secure, peaceful and never gives up hope in the goodness of this world that still exists though hidden by the evil of some!! 

By Aliya Gowher

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