Existence of religions together without dampening the peace is the real cosmopolitian unity. But is it a far-fetched truth in India?

From the book ‘Nine Lives’ written by William Dalrymple:

Jains also have such respect for life that as they walk, “they sweep the ground in front of them to make sure they don’t step on ants.” They will not even step in puddles, just in case “there’s some life form they will hurt inside the puddles.”

nine lives 1 Religions Can Co exist But Not In India. Is It So?

The religious journeys Dalrymple describes in Nine Lives are incredibly personal.  The real lesson of both ‘Nine Lives’ and India itself “is pluralism.” The nation’s incredible diversity “makes it very difficult to believe in only your own faith — that the faith you happen to have been born into is the only possible way of reaching God,” he says. India inspires the idea “that there are many ways up the mountain.”

coexist Religions Can Co exist But Not In India. Is It So?By Naim Naqvi

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