Why is government of India swift with banning non-veg food but not women-security? When would women’s security be the top on government’s dos?

Be it her wrathful eyes or weepy eyes, government of India shows lackadaisical governance when it comes to cutting the Gordian knot of women’s security. But think of piloting an outcry on the ban of beef and meat, government winds it up with a ‘yes’. Why this apathy for women? Why Why Why? Keep adding one after another and I bet this question mark too won’t trigger any reaction.

fourth Highest Crime india Religious Concern Outweighs Women Security In India. Isn’t it?

This year’s May saw beef ban in Maharashtra with an inflexible fine of 10,000 with 5-years lockup. And the latest quick-fix was a four-day ban on meat ban this September to keep the chastity of Jainism-bound rituals pure and intact, as Jainis revolted against to favour the piousness of their fasting festival ‘Paryushan’.

Meat ban Religious Concern Outweighs Women Security In India. Isn’t it?

But why is government laid-back to un-tag Delhi of its tag rape-capital? And how shameless of me to state the afore-mentioned question! For, if not 2012 Nirbhaya rape could stir up the government to nail down tight security in the country capital, what more deplorable does the government await for? I  hopelessly peer the rape-free India in my imagination, not only me, but every single girl of India. But the government keeps making this hopeless imagination more hopeless.

Will the government ever be awakened to be considerate towards girls?

For women’s sake can be greater than for god’s sake. Can it be?

no security for women Religious Concern Outweighs Women Security In India. Isn’t it?

Still from “Indoa’s Daughter” showing Jyoti Singh’s mother. CBC


By Prerna Daga

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