Tamanna serial has a lesson for all not just people who have an ambition but also for the so-called religious bigots

Star Plus’ Tamanna serial is not just focusing on ambition, passion and “Cricket” but also into something that has become one of the hottest topics these days. Well, yes, ever since the Right Wing gained a majority, there has been turbulence amongst the liberals and seculars along with others.

Post that there is more news of religious conflicts as people from both the sides are talking more of conflicts. Unfortunately, these days we hear more about religious intolerance than we heard in the past.  This is the reason perhaps even the concept writers in serials are focusing on it. This is the reason why we are seeing the serial Tamanna is focusing on Hindu-Muslim riots.

tamanna star plus serial The Religious Conflict in Tamanna Serial!

Hindu-Muslim Riots in Tamanna

In the serial, we have seen how Hindu and Muslims simply do not want to indulge in each other. Worst, they don’t even sit together or play together in a government school. They are totally divided. In fact, any attempt to unite them turns out to be fatal. This is the reason why everybody wants them to be separated only.

riots hindu muslim The Religious Conflict in Tamanna Serial!

Though the main protagonists Dharaa tried to unite them, she failed miserably as the result turned out into Hindu-Muslim riots. It all started with a Hindu boy bowling to a Muslim boy. He hurts him accidentally and it creates enough spark to burn the entire Bulandganj, killing hundreds and injuring hundreds.

Though we see everything ends on a good note, we wonder how the Hindu-Muslim group will be uniting in this serial. But, now that the serial has introduced this religious angle in the serial Tamanna, we hope it does give positive message and the communities do listen to it. No wonder, TV serials and movies are more influential than any politician’s message or assurance.

Riots Do Not Happen Accidentally, they are Created

The serial in a way rightly addresses to the issues of riots focusing that no one from either of the religion is bad, it is only the circumstances. The entire thing in a way reminds us of Godhra incident where in the end people of both the communities realized that whatever they did was wrong as they went in the flow not realizing that it is not about the two communities but the vested interests of the third party who doesn’t give damn to anybody.

hindu muslim riots The Religious Conflict in Tamanna Serial!

Hope Tamanna serial once again tries to spread the message via the serial as it is showing everything from the grassroot level. The way she united Sameer and Bashir by mentioning the right thing that despite being from a different religion they are same, we hope everybody hears it out.

communal violence casts shadow over muzaffarnagar polls The Religious Conflict in Tamanna Serial!

Religious conflict is a bane and we seriously need it out as soon as possible. It only creates complication in an otherwise peaceful environment. Hardcore religious enthusiasts are simply a curse to the society.

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