Mr Bhagwat, Religious Conversion is the adoption of a new religion. It is, and it should always be, a free choice.

Human Beings are not cattle Mr. Bhagwat ! Conversion is not like the capture of a piece of government land at any street corner under a tree, place some religious symbols there and convert it into an ‘Instant Ancient Holy Tabernacle.’ The gullible masses do always come thronging to put their faith and the entire family of so-called priest develops the commercial interests there. Animals have no religion Shreeman and they don’t willingly squatter at human places. The cattle are also endowed with intelligence.  

rss conversion Human Beings are not cattle Mr. Bhagwat!

Herbivorous species would never accept a carnivorous food. You said, “They went away (to other religion) because of some allurement and thus there is nothing wrong in bringing them back to original fold.  Those who were converted earlier could be allowed to go back to their traditional faith. If conversion is wrong, then why not pass a law in the Parliament against it stopping all religious conversions.”  

The word ‘allurement’ belongs to the family of enticement, lure and seduction. Allurement is something that persuades one to perform an action for pleasure or gain. It is the act or pressure of giving in to a desire especially when ill-advised. So the very word is misused by you as RELIGION, no matter whether monotheistic or polytheistic, never ILL-ADVICES for GAIN or PLEASURE. A spiritual journey for the pleasure of God can never be achieved by alluring and deception.

Perhaps you have NEVER met with a CONVERT. Just see one and peep into his mind and heart. Religious Conversion is the adoption of a new religion. It is, and it should always be, a free choice. He / she feels dissatisfied and differs from the previous religion. He is looking for inner peace. Someone offers him a choice. It might be a Imam, a Father or a Shree Shree. Conversion requires internalization of the new belief system. It implies a new reference point for the convert’s self-identity, and is a matter of belief and social structure—of both faith and affiliation.

Conversion or Reaffiliation for CONVENIENCE is an insincere act and not acceptable to any religion.
Forced conversion is a sin! It is adoption under duress of a different religion.  Now, tell me Mr. Bhagwat, what do you want to do  with a convert??? Where will you find him and start your operation upon the pathetic soul you are going to target? Are you going to put a full stop on explaining about other religions in society? Only the followers of RSS should be allowed to proselytize?

ghar wapsi cartoon Human Beings are not cattle Mr. Bhagwat!

The Agra Game has already exposed the drama of ‘Ghar Vapsi’ Manneywar.
I can tell you the simple way to make your call sound genuine and convincing. Put up a show of TOLERANCE for all human beings, especially Indians who are weak, and check the mindset that invokes to avenge and revenge the deeds of some fanatical ruler of past against a helpless poor of today. All Indians have equal RIGHTS and nothing can change it.

Those who are economically well-off, they aren’t anyone’s target.  All rich are normally well protected and they hardly care two hoots about EVENING BREAD. No fanatic out-fit dares to touch them. The weak is always the target. 

Whenever  the ‘Achche Dins’ of Saffron Brigade break, we hear a lot of talk of ‘Gau Mata.’ Is it not true that the cows that roam the streets of Indian cities, towns and villages are usually left there to suffer by those who owned by them??? Who are these owners? Please tell the VHP’s motor-mouth Praveen Togadia that Indian Army is COMPETENT to check any INVADER. PT never fails to score his point. “Those Bangladeshi infiltrators who are entering Bengal are coming as invaders and any how such infiltration should be stopped. Take oath that we will not let one cow to be slaughtered.”

We, the minorities of India love and respect the sentiments of our elder brother! These feelings come from understanding the History of our Motherland.

By: Naim Naqvi

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