It was disgusting and annoying to watch Renuka Chowdhury talking all sort of nonsense about Narendra Modi and keep giggling.

It was disgusting and annoying to watch Renuka Chowdhury talking all sort of nonsense about Narendra Modi. Her giggling, gestures, and comments to media about what Narendra Modi said in his Kanpur speech was the ultimate “Bijlee Ka Zordar Zatka” of 5000 volts  that  sent Congress into ICU. The army of hollow characters like Renuka Chowdhury and Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari, Ajay Maken immediately got into action… and made themselves a laughing stock. If you look at the news bite..  You will start wondering, what jokers do we have in the governance?  Look at her giggling?

Doesn’t it exposes the hollowness of these Congress characters? Imagine, Congress government, led by Dr Manmohan Singh’s has such unintelligent characters? Why will our Economy not get sick ? why will our Rupee not tumble? Why will not Onions sale for 100 Rs a Kg? , Why will not Pakistan and China become threats? Why will not Hafeez Saeed attack India?

I ask, Who is politically matured and serious in this government?

This is what one critic Mr Arun wrote about Renuka Chowdhury in his comments I just read, on one of the blogs…

Quote unquote…

During a live session of Parliament on TV, I had seen this lady making a joke of Late Rajiv Gandhi on which Rajiv Gandhi rebuked this lady while she was giggling shamelessly . At that time she was in TDP . After sometime she joined Congress and started flattering Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi and very coolly shifted her loyalty from NTR to the Gandhi family. One can easily gauge her ethics and loyalty. This type of leaders do not have any self respect“.

Has their intelligent PM candidate Rahul Gandhi got anything to say about this utter Nonsense? He says in his political speeches…. political parties should be more honest and should not indulge in bad politics.

Rahul ji what Renuka Chowdhury and Digvijay Singh say on the leading national TV channels … is it good politics ?

Firstly, what they say in the media is more personal views than political views. To even qualify to make political comments one needs political maturity which none of you hasve Otherwise, we would not have heard, political comments like “Maut Ka Saudagar”? Hitler (see above) ? Bhasmasur? and even worse  slurs from your party members.

But it is all the more surprising to us that… We have never heard you asking them to be more dignified in their political reactions? We have never heard President of Congress or the PM asking them to stop talking loosely, foolishly ? Are they not “Cheap” comments according to your standards of honest politics? Doesn’t this prove amply that the high moral ground you claim in your speeches is all fake? You and your party Congress want, from Prime minister to high command …full indulgence in undignified, cheap campaigning against Narendra Mod and the BJP, your political opponent. Isn’t it true?

And honestly, we are not surprised because, that is the caliber and character of Congressmen from top to bottom.

If everything Mr Modi says is a problem for Congress then they have no business to remain in politics and public life. When you are in public life and specially in the government, you must be prepared to take criticism in a dignified way and respond to it in a dignified manners. If you can not, then probably our fear is right, We have most the uneducated, immature political class running the government. Who instead of replying to opposition’s criticism, rationally, logically with reasoning, are using old tricks used by marketing men which is…

If you cant convince people, confuse people ! Simple!!

But trick is old and out-dated. And no trick can fool people because, people have become smart now. 60 years is a long experience to identify the tricksters. Congress has to pay for its political dishonesty, political corruption, and cunningly scheming the loot. Congress has to pay for destroying democratic institutions and following an ant- national agenda which has weakened, and has threatened India´s independence, security and sovereignty.

It can not go unquestioned, unanswered. Unpunished.

Nation first. National interest first. National integrity first. National security first. No one is above  these national priorities. No individual is bigger than this nation. No One. If some one is thinking so big, people of India in their wisdom know how to respond. with just one VOTE!  that says,..

Sorry…You are not qualified to govern this country. This country is not a Private Limited Company !

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