This is just pointing out a gaffe on video by Mrs Renuka Chowdhury – She does not recognize Gold as a conductible metal.

Renuka Chowdhury said – ” There is some metal. We dont know if there is gold or silver that is buried underneath. We know that some non-conductible metal is buried underneath – that there is a deposit of that. We will know more after a dig”. Please listen to her (after Modi’s speech) in the video below.

Errr – Gold is one of the most conductible metals around !!! And please also let us know how you know the metal buried below the ground is non-conducting ?

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NB: This is not a political view for or against an individual or any party. IndiaOpines has no political view.

Further Note: On further investigation it seems that the ASI had said “that non-magnetic anomalous region” may exist – and nothing about any indication of any existing Gold. So taken another way, maybe this was just towing the ASI line and not any specific comment on the conductible nature of Gold – my bad ! Apologies to Renuka Chowdhury. In my defence, her first statement should have come later – as the second statement appears to qualify the first in a possibly incorrect way.

This still begs the question – where did Gold came into the picture given that ASI is simply digging for artifacts ? Hope always prevails , I guess, amongst all and especially the media!

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