A point by point response on the suggestions given by Wilson Battu regards the upkeep of Police Honour

A brief point by point consideration of the points/suggestions of Sh. Wilson Battu:

A quick call by the cop for a back up unit should meet with ultimate emergency

Modern technology makes it easy to effectively give a distress signal. It is colloquially called the ‘panic button’. When pressed, the GPS location and a prerecorded message is automatically sent to predetermined number(s). It also works if the person is unable to make a call due to injury or otherwise. The problem is with the reaction. Given the state of our Police Forces would the reaction be timely and effective?

Police force must hold seminars in local schools and colleges to teach the value of respecting authority.

Indian Police Response To Wilson Battu On Police Honour

Holding ‘seminars’ in schools and colleges is the easiest and most common option. Its effectiveness is doubtful. Similar actions for road safety, also a very crucial aspect, have barely shown any results. Need is to interact with the general public which can best be done through the media.

Any attempts and bribing the police (or accepting bribe) should be met with severe punishment.

Ye ho sake to problem he kyaa hae. Easier said then done. A separate subject which requires much more detailed thinking and actions.

Every policeman must have an authoritative uniform and personality. There should be minimum requirements of height, weight and vision for police force.

All already there. At least on paper. It is up to the Police itself to implement. It is difficult for a big paunch to look efficient and impressive in any ‘authoritative’ uniform.

Every policeman must be properly armed with a firearm – not just a lathi – and two-way radio communication device in addition to a requirement to wear a camera so evidence can be used in the court of law.

Indian Police1 Response To Wilson Battu On Police Honour

Carrying a firearm is a two way proposition. Persons are often targeted for the firearm itself so the bearer requires to be very capable. Besides there are chances of accidents and misuse if every policeman has a gun.
As almost every one has a mobile with a camera there is no need ‘to wear a camera‘.

The police force must have hi-speed cars with blindingly flashing strobe lights and ear-piercing sirens. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that use of such methods is intimidating to the culprit and the presence of police is immediately recognised with respect and submission.

Respect and submission generally don’t go together. Police is meant to help not intimidate. In any case a lot of this stuff is already there but to little avail.

A special unit to address minor to medium police matters should be created. An accused must be locked up till he/she is presented before a judge of this unit.

Add on to the already elaborate and complicated judicial system! Present laws and system is more than adequate.

“it is now up to the police force to address it themselves.”

True. It has always been. But don’t despair, given half a chance, the Citizens will pitch in.

By Lt Col JS Bath,SM (Veteran)

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