With a recent photo doing the round of Yasin Malik sharng the dais with Hafeez Syed doing the rounds, it will be anything but a hasty decision to impound his passport without even informing him. Who is to say there isn’t more he is up to in Pakistan?

Yasin Malik’s passport should be revoked. He is claiming that it was mere co-incidence that he was sharing a dais with Hafeez Syed in a supposed hunger-strike. Clearly from the picture below (and a picture is always worth a thousand words), he is not just seen sharing a dais, but almost in an embrace. Clearly he knows who Hafeez Syed is (one of the most wanted terrorists in the world and certainly anti-Indian) – should he not have avoided him ? Clearly Hafeez is not much of a “hunger-strike kind of guy”(I mean his pot-belly) – just look at him – what was he doing there ?

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Kashmiri Pandits In Protest Against Yasin Malik 300x240 Yasin Maliks (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Fronts Chief) Passport

You are known by the company you keep! His passport should certainly be revoked in the least. He should be questioned, but given the current environment in Kashmir (Afzal Guru’s hanging) – maybe the CBI will avoid creating any news that can be seen as anti-inflammatory. But in my opinion cancelling his passport is a low-hanging fruit – in fact he need not be informed as well – only to find out the hard way next time he attempts to travel to Pakistan next.

Jammu & Kshmir Liberation Front

For those not in the know – who is Yasin Malik? Yasin Malik is the Leader of the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (in short JKLF chairman), one the the 20+ parties comprising Hurriyat, a political entity who goal is the right to self-determination as per United Nations Security Council Resolution 47. Since its initial formation, the Hurriyat itself has split – with some of the parties participating in the local assembly elections held in Jammu & Kashmir.

United Nations

As people are aware the particular United Nations resolution in question is essentially defunct as the first requirement was for Pakistan to withdraw its own troops from the region to allow for elections. This never happened. Frankly Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru should never have gone to the United Nations, this was to have been settled by military actions – this was one of his biggest blunders – he was too much of an Utopian.

Currently parts of Kashmir are also held by China , further making the situation complicated for a political goulash like Hurriyat.

Incidentally, the United States (not that anyone should rely on them for maters of foreign policy) has stated that the matter should be solved bi-laterally.

Impound Yasin Malik’s Passport

Anyways, back to basics. It is not clear what all activities Yasin Malik is up to in Pakistan. Is it limited to sharing the dais with Hafeez Sayed or other nefarious activities that we don’t know of ? The simplest thing the government can do is to impound his passport – there are enough grounds for this action – this would not be a hasty decision.

Image Source : IANS

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