Of all the flowers, roses have their special irreplaceable charm upon us.Roses found it unfair and revolted against it.Here’s a beautiful poem depicting it.

street kid roses happinees Revolt Of The Roses

‘Enough is enough

No more can I stand this!

Every one looking at me

Saying ‘wow’,so lovely !

Smelling me! Oh, No !

They don’t respect my privacy

My rights to equality!

Why don’t they disturb

The stinking nanny ?

Or the angel’s trumpets ?

They are also flowers !’

The little rose complained.

Dad Rose replied,

“Are n’t you lovely ?




May be that’s why”

Little rose would n’t agree.

Went and gathered all like-minded.

All decided to change their looks

Put down the sweet smell !

Let the bees be confused !

Change the look

From cute to brute!

Little roses darkened

Their pink skins

Smeared stinking gel on faces!

But the bees would see through it all

And smile at the roses !

‘No ! Lets put up a rude face !’

And they acted rude !

Now they looked cuter !

“Whatever we do

These bees are after us !

Lets pray to God for favour !”

Said one wise rose.

Father God !We want to be

Equal with other flowers;

want our rights of equality!

Please grant us.Amen”

God heard the prayer.

“My dear roses!

I made you special !

Soft ,loving and fair !

Attracting every one !

Giving you admiration !

Free for all !

Making every one happy !

You are what you are !

You have a purpose !

Be happy and contented

That so many are happy

Seeing your very face !

A  rose is a rose !

You can never change your face !”

The roses realized their folly

And lived happily thereafter !

roses Revolt Of The Roses

By Sundar AS

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