The shunned community of transgender is deprived of all what we can avail of. Spotlighting oneself in such community is a hope to see ‘acche din’ in India.

To tick beside either of the two, there still happen to exist only the alternatives ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ under the section ‘Gender’. Fall in either of these two, socially-acceptable categories, life streams in ease whilst, be a twig of the allergic and ostracized branch ‘transgender’, all his-her dreams dyingly wither away like the dry twigs.

transgender is within every one Revolution Is Seeing Transgender As A Sub Inspector

People call fate as the only write-up where the scope of editing and omitting is out of the question and thereby, prompting them to surrender and be its puppet. Such ill-fate has the transgender community been cussed with that they too have resiliently welcomed the unwelcomeness of their fate. But, like on the dark, never-ending canvas, shines a few stars, the transgender communities hast some stars too. One such star who could illumine her otherwise dim life is K. Prithika Yashini.

25-year-old Prithika was in class XI when dawned upon her the realization of her being at odds. Born-as-son, Prithika felt quite unlike of a son, which she was claimed to be. Under such helplessness, she eluded away her home, landing at Chennai railway station. She knew that as per the societal norms, she could only be a part of transgender family and she joined it. She worked as a warden in girls’ hostel. She kept switching her jobs and homes aspiring to be better and better.

prithika yashini Revolution Is Seeing Transgender As A Sub Inspector

It was in 2015 when she literally tried to erode away the ossified norms of the society. She filled up the form to apply for the post of sub-inspector, the form where declaring herself transgender was not even an option, but she appealed to the court and her willingness was rewarded with a green nod from the court. Next that she was to chase was her interview where too she nailed it and became India’s first transgender sub-inspector. The above written words may be read with quite ease but for her, it wasn’t a smooth sail. To-and-fro visit from home to court and vice versa was a cyclic routine of her life until she got her hall ticket at night just before the exams.

Prithika aims to crack UPSC and become an IPS in near future and pledges to perform her duties before anything and everything.

prathika yashini sub inspector Revolution Is Seeing Transgender As A Sub Inspector

Like Prithika rose from a community which is crumbled-down under the irrational practices of the society, I wish to see many such Prithikas in future. But with that, the society too needs to uproot its deep-seated discriminations against transgender. For, age is just a number and gender is just a biological cause.

By Prerna Daga

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