What sets apart these General Elections from any other in the history of India is the overwhelming number of politically conscious youth who will vote for the first time next month.

47% of new, young voters in the upcoming generation are going to be voting for the first time in the elections to be held in the coming month of April. This lot of powerful voters are more aware of their political and economical issues  in the current scenario. This generation is also called as the techno-youth. Political parties like AAP have focused their campaigning on social media by proposing quick actions to be taken on issues that are often ignored and have successfully attracted young minds towards them.

As a general law, one day prior to the elections to be held, parties contesting can’t campaign but it was observed that during recent Delhi election, AAP supporters were in full swing campaigning for their candidates with the help of these social media platforms and were very successful in doing so. Hence, the youth vote bank will play a crucial role in this upcoming election. They have understood how their one precious Right to Vote will make or break the government. A revolutionary change indeed!

By Frazer Fernandes
[The Author twwets at @fraze555)

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