Revolver Rani Review – the film is funny and is peopled with quirky characters but is is let down by an uneven script and pace

This weekend’s offerings include diverse fare – there is Subhash Ghai’s film Kaanchi, the mystery movie Samrat and Co. and the much awaited Revolver Rani. After the success of Queen, we were all waiting to see what Kangana did next. Turns out that she did quite a lot and a lot differently in Revolver Rani – a film completely unlike her previous film except insofar as both films are female centric movies. I am still not sure what to make of a slightly bizzare the film and am going with two and half stars for it.

Rating ** ½

Film – Revolver Rani (Release date 25 April  2014)revolver rani poster Revolver Rani Review – Falls Short of Promise

Starring –  Kangana Ranaut, Vir Das, Piyush Mishra, Zeishan Quadri, Zakir Hussain, Pankaj Saraswat

Producer – Raju Chadha (Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures), Nitin Tej Ahuja, Rahul Mittra, Tigmanshu Dhulia

Director – Sai Kabir Shrivastav

Story/Screenplay – Sai Kabir Shrivastav

Music – Sanjeev Shrivastava

Running time – 2 hrs 13 mins

Revolver Rani Trailer, Story, Plot

Revolver Rani is the gun toting, trigger happy Alka Singh, a politician who has recently lost her Chambal/Gwalior area seat to another politician. She is this fearless persona; someone whose first response to everything is via the barrel of a gun. She falls for aspiring Bollywood actor Rohan Kapoor, whom she picks up from some sort of local talent show in Gwalior. Her political rivals and enemies decide that he is the chink in her armour and kidnap him when they want to get back at her.

Revolver Rani Review

Set in the badlands of Madhya Pradesh where people live and die by the gun, the movie features a bizarre cultural and political landscape that makes one go I suppose things like these happen over there. its brutal, and the violence is very in your face; and while that gun-toting ethos may be unfamiliar to you and I we do know that parts of MP exist in something like a medieval time warp.

Where Revolver Rani Works

Coco Chamcham in Revolver Rani Revolver Rani Review – Falls Short of PromiseThe movie is a black comedy that does work principally because of the quirky characters and their dynamic vis a vis each other. The movie is peopled by over the top characters; none as quirky and over the top as Kangana Ranaut’s Alka. Referred to by her enemies simply as the ‘Chudail’ she is this fearless, larger than life personality who is still rendered vulnerable by her own desires and insecurities.

While she has no qualms about crashing the victory rally of her rival all guns blazing with a loudspeaker in hand, she still thinks of herself as an ugly, barren murderess. This quirky character has her own unique sense of style that consists of tunics and jackets and steel studded innerwear. The goofball romance where she calls him ChamCham (just because) and he calls her Coco (short for coconut because she is tough on the outside and soft on the inside) is a little outrageous but funny too.

revolver rani promotional event Revolver Rani Review – Falls Short of PromiseThe characters of the opportunistic Balli (Alka’s mama played by a menacingly realistic Piyush Mishra) corrupt politicians and the selfish, narcissistic Rohan Kapoor (played deftly by Vir Das) as very well etched and nuanced. None of the characters are really likeable in the film – each uses the other to their own ends, each is opportunistic and self-serving in the extreme. TV reportage, particularly the type of sensational verbiage used by many of the Hindi channels is accurate and quite hilarious.

Why Revolver Rani doesn’t quite work

The story holds up well in the first half because of the genuine humour it is infused with, but it starts to meander and lose steam during the second half. Though Kangana’s character does manage to stir sympathy in the view, none of the other characters manage to elicit any. Ultimately the movie is let down by the uneven scripting – funny and really entertaining in parts but bizarrely unbelievable in others.

What I found to be actually objectionable is the amount of bronzer slathered on to Kanagana in the hope of presenting her as ‘unattractive’. It is amazing that Bollywood is still trotting out this regressive concept of dark being tantamount to being less attractive.

Revolver Rani – Music

The music is punchy and intrepid – it is unconventional and interesting; but again uneven. While Usha Uthup’s voice is just right for the very appealing title track, which really stands out, and the track I am Brutal startles you into paying attention, some of the other tracks were a little insipid as well.

So a contrary mixture is Revolver Rani – if there are several off-putting reasons to watch something else this weekend, there are an equal number of reasons to go watch it. It’s a 50-50 verdict from this movie buff.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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